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In Maha Shiv Puran, Lord Shiva has explained to his consort Parvati, the importance of Yantra in Worship. The Vedic Yantras are the graphic representations of Mantras.

The Vedic Yantras are designed to remove the negative effects and to obtain particular results. Yantra" is a geometrical, mystical design, often made of copper, used as a tool, for concentration and meditation.

It has spiritual importance, however, different geometrical forms are recommended for different purposes. The two main types of yantras are 'Bhu' and 'Meru'.

The 'Bhu' is flat, two dimensional and the 'Meru' is pyramidal. In worship they should be placed level on a pedestal or pitha. The Yantra must be given life (Pran Pratishtha) before its use. It focuses into the absolute.

Concentrating on the yantra, increases the level of consciousness and it is possible to attain the union with God. It is auspicious to look at the Yantra every day in the morning.

An agarbatti or lamp with ghee should be lit before the Yantra continuously along with fresh scented flowers.

A Yantra can give prosperity in business, gain wealth, peace of mind, good fortune, release of tensions, cure diseases etc. It should be placed it in a sacred place in the house and worshipped it everyday.

One can fulfil ones desires and attain ones goals. The charging, energysing is done by learned priests, who are specialised in such rituals as per the Shastras.

The Beej Mantra is recited on the yantra to get it energised and thereafter Fire-God(Hoam) is performed and Ahutis are given. It is most important,that the worshipper should have faith, trust and respect for Yantra.

By having a Yantra and keeping it in a sacred place in your house, looking at it everyday can fulfill the desires and reach to the goal.


Ganesha Yantra

Ganesha is the God of education, knowledge, wisdom, literature, and fine arts. Ganesha Yantra gives good luck in the begining of new venture and also removes the hurdles in the way.

The worshipper of the Ganesha Yantra, is blessed with success and prosperity. This Yantra,having size 3"x3", is embossed on a square plate of pure copper, which is pecially charged and energised to release it's divine powers.

It can be placed in your temple at home, on your worktable or in your cash box.


Lakshmi Yantra

Maa Lakshmi is a Goddess of wealth & prosperity. Maa Laxmi Sadhna is for removal of debts and proverty with gain of wealth and money.

A person who regularly woships Goddess lakshmi gets sure progress in life and new doors to success automatically open for him. Lakshmi Yantra is very powerful instrument that draws wealth and sucess in ones life.

It is made of copper. All Yantras are Energised or Abhimantrit as per Vedic Rituals with Mantras.


Saraswati Yantra

Saraswati Yantra Worship gives wisdom, high education, knowledge, intellect, good memory and oration power, which leads to fame and prosperity.

This yantra is made on copper plate and worship is offered with white cloths and white lotus flowers. Knowlege is power. Worship of Sarswati Yanta is done every morning, after the bath.

The Yantra is placed in the pooja room. Sandal paste and kumkum are applied to the Yantra, by lighting a lamp of ghee and offering white flowers. Recite the Saraswati shok and repeat it for mant times for better results.


Shani Yantra

This Yantra is worshipped to subside the negative effect of Shani and achieve Rajayog with the blessings of Shani. This is very much needed, when the planet saturn is in the horoscope, causing Sadesati (7.5 years stay).

Shani yantra reduces the intensity of the Sadesati and gives relief. Shani yantra is embossed on copper plate and is placed on rising moon Saturday.