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Spiritism is a science which deals with the nature, origin and destiny of Spirits, as well as their relationship with the world.

Spiritism respects all religions and doctrines and it values all the efforts towards the practice of goodness. Spiritism is practiced with simplicity, without any external forms of worship.

The basic principles of Spiritism were announced by Allan Kardec. Spiritism had its roots in the Spiritualist movement of the mid-19th century.

Spiritism is followed in many countries of the world, including United States, Canada, Spain, Japan, France, Germany, England, Argentina, Portugal.

Also in American countries such as - Jamaica, Cuba, and Brazil, which has the maximum number of followers. About 15 millions people follow the Spiritism.

Spiritism explains the new and more precise concepts, with respect to God, the Universe, the Human being, the Spirits,our relationship and means of communication with God.

It also explians our eternal lives and the moral and physical laws those govern the life. It also reveals our origin,our destination, the objective of our existence and the reason for our sufferings of life.

Spiritism touches on all the areas of knowledge, human activities and behaviour. It works towards peace and fellowship between all nations and all peoples, regardless of race, colour, nationality, creed, cultural or social standing.

Spiritism has no clergy and it does not involve the images, altars, candles, incense, processions, sacraments, religious vestiments.

It also does not involve the alcoholic or hallucinogenic beverages, tobacco, horoscopes, cartomancy, pyramids, crystals, rituals for any of it's practises.


Teachings of Spiritism

1- Jesus is the Guide the Humankind. His teaching is the purest expression of God's Law.

2- The morality of Christ, is the guidence for the secure progress of all Human Beings and its practice is the solution for all human problems.

3- The Human beings can act as per their desire, but they are responsible for the consequences of their actions.

4- Future life pays pleasures and penalties to the mankind, according to their obedience to God's laws.

5- The God is the Supreme intelligence, eternal, immaterial, unique, omnipotent and the first cause of all the things in the world.

6- All the universal things - rational and non-rational beings, both animate and inanimate, material and immaterial are the creations of the God.

7- The corporeal world is inhabited by the incarnate Spirits (embodied in human beings), as well as the discarnate Spirits (without any body form).

8- In the Universe there exist other inhabited worlds of different levels of evolution.

9- All the Laws of Nature - the physical and moral laws are Divine, cause the God has made them.

10- A Human Being is a Spirit incarnated in a material body. The perispirit is the semi-material body, which combines the Spirit to the physical body.

11- Spirits are formed innocent and ignorant. They evolve intellectually and morally, passing from a lower order to a higher one, until they attain perfection.

12- Spirits preserve their individuality before, during and after each incarnation.

13- For the spiritual advancement, the spirits may reincarnate many times.

14- Spirits are always progressing.

15- Spirits belong to different orders according to the degree of perfection they have attained.

16- The Imperfect Spirits divert us towards the wrong way.

17- Prayer is an act of devotion for God, which is found in the natural law and is the result of an inborn sentiment in every Human Being.

18- Prayer gives strength to repel the evil forces and the God sends the Good Spirits to assist them.


Allan Kardec's Clarifivation

Spiritism is not a religion and it doen not try to convert anyone.

Spiritism is only for those who are in its favour and believe it.

Spiritism is not based on blind faith.

Spiritism is taught for free and no fees are taken for the same.