Sikhism,the fifth largest organized religion in the world, is a monotheistic religion founded in the fifteenth century in Punjab,India,on the teachings of the ten Gurus from Guru Nanak Deo ji to Guru Granth Sahibji.Sikhism's traditions and teachings are associated with the history, society and culture of Punjab. It is one of the fastest-growing religion.The worship place for the Sikhs is "Gurudwara".

The name Sikhism is originated from the word 'Sikh', which comes from the Sanskrit root 'Sisya' meaning "disciple", or 'siksa' meaning 'instruction'.The adherant of this religion is called "Sikh" and as per the available records,there are about 23 millions of Sikh all over the world.The native of Sikhs is Punjab,India and also the Pakistan Punjab.The God for the Sikhism is -'WaheGuru','Nirankar','Akal' and 'Alakh' and God has no gender.

Sikhism is a religious philosophy and expression,which has been traditionally called as the "Gurmat". (Teachings of the Gurus). The God for the Sikhs is the "Wahe Guru" - a Wonderful Teacher,Supreme being,the God (Wah means wonderful and Guru means a teacher).Also called as Nirankar means 'without a form'.The principal beliefs of Sikhism are faith and justice,in Waheguru,which is represented by the phrase "Ik Onkar",meaning One God.

The beginning of the first composition of Sikh scripture is the figure '1',which symbolises the universality of God.It states that God is everywhere and infinite and is represented by the term 'Ik Onkar'.The followers of Sikhism are advised to follow the holy scripture - "Guru Granth Sahibji" and the teachings of the ten Sikh Gurus.The text was decreed by Guru Govindsinghji, the tenth guru, as the final guru of the Sikh religion.

Guru Nanak Deo Ji and his successors are the essence of Sikhism and their teachings is summed up by Nanak as follows- ' Realisation of Truth is higher than everything and more Higher is the truthful living '. Sikhism believes in equality of all humans and no discrimination of caste, creed, and gender.The sikhism advises to observe first the household duties than the ascetism,to achive the salvation.

As per Sikhism,only God and his rule existed, before the creation of the universe and later the entire nature was created by the desire of the God,which further led to the creation of living beings,human and emotions.Guru Nanak Ji explained that the devotees must meditate to achive the enlightenment and God must be seen from the soul,from the heart ie the inward eye of the human being.Guru Nanak Dev Ji further emphasized that the communication between God and human can take place only through a rigerous meditation.

Golden Temple at Amritsar, India

Gurbani Gurbani is the 'God's Word' (Bani) and a sacred composition for the Sikhs.This Holy Word is a Song of Waheguru.One of the God's Holy Names is 'Ik Onkar',which is the Sound of Omkara upon which all that exists is Gurbani.Ek Onkar is essential Oneness of Waheguru ie the Wonderful Lord.Gurbani is powerful and only realised one whose heart is pure.

The role of Guru is to drive away the ignorance of devotees and this is done by the 'Bani', by the Word of Guru.Therefore Guru and Bani are One (Ek) and Gurbani and Ek Onkar are One.As the devotee meditates and chants Gurbani,one must allow the Word to enter deep into the mind.Thus, the Bani of the Guru can drive away the darkness of ignorance and draw the seeker of truth into the One Truth (Waheguru).