Secularism means - outside of religion and in the present political and philosophical opinion, it refers to a government obeying civil laws, independently from any religion and not favouring any particular religion.Also,secularism includes the priority of the civil laws over any religious bindings.As per the readings,there are about 1100 millions of people following seclarism.

As per the Secularism,the people from various faiths and sections of society are equal before the law, the Constitution and government policy and also there should not be no mixing up of religion and politics.So there is neither differentiation among the religions or faiths.

It also implies that the government and other bodies should exists separately form the religion.As per the studies,it is learned that the modern Western societies are found to be more secular,because of the complete freedom of religion and the religious leaders have less authority over the political decisions.

The secular society neither sets any overall aim,nor is there a common ideal type of behavior with universal application.It helps its people to realise their aims.There is equality of all people and respect for the individuals and no barriers of class and caste.Some societies become increasingly secular as the result of social processes, rather than through the actions of a dedicated secular movement,which is called assecularisation.

Secularism is a code of duty pertaining to this life and its essential principles are - The improvement of the life by material means - The science is the vital support of human - Always do a good act.

India is a secular country and as per the Hindus," Sarva Dharma Samabhav" (all religions are equal). Secularism is normally defined as something that has nothing to do with religion.

In Hindus, if one doesn't go to a temple or wear the sacred thread or perform Sandhyavandhanam (morning and evening prayers) or does not observe fast,one still remains a Hindu and could be branded as communal.

In contrast, if a Muslim does not visit the mosque or abuses Allah or a Christian abstains from church on a Sunday, he is a controversal person.A secular country will not make decisions based on a person's religion and the citizens of such a country are free to follow any religion of their choice.This is the actual definition of a secular country.

Secular Countries

* America - Brazil,Canada,Mexico,Cuba,United States.

* Asia - India,Japan,South Korea,East Timor,Azerbaijan,Malaysia,Laos,Nepal,Sri Lanka, Thailand,Syria,Tajakistan,Turkey,Vietnam,Nepal,Phillipines,Singapore.

* Europe - France,Austria,Belgium,Albania,Bosnia,Germany,Belgaria,Hugary,Portugal,Ireland,Serbia, Russia,Romania,Estonia,Czech,Sweden.

* Oceania - New Zealand,Australia.

* Africa - Senegal,Somania,Angola,Benin,Chad,Cape Verde,Congo,Liberia,Guinea,South Africa,Mali