World Religions


The religion continues to be the very essential and important aspect of human life,since thousands of years.Religion is human faith and belief,formed in connection with the discipline,principles and nature of life.

The religion defines an indivisual and groups.The goal of religion is to provide free and reliable information about the answers given to the various important questions.

There are many religions,which are different from each other,but eventually serve the same purpose.The religions answer the same questions asked by human,such as -what happens after death ? -Why we came in to existance ? - What is the way to live a disciplined life ? etc. etc.

The religion helps us to pass on the principles and disciplines of life from generation to generation.The religions have descriptive symbols,traditions and histories associated with it.The religions have also their own prayers, priests, divine places,shrines and scriptures.

The religion can be classiofied in three main catagories such as - World_religions,referring to international beliefs -Indigenous religions,referring to smaller or specific religious groups, and - New religious movements,which refers to the newly developed beliefs.

The religions are grown and formed in different ways as per the different cultures.Some are based on belief, while others are based on the practical life observations.Religion often makes use of Meditation divine music,artforms,public institutions,government and family.

Some religions focus on the subjective experience of the religious individual, while others consider the activities of the community to be most important.Some religions claim to be universal, and believe their laws to be binding on everyone, whereas others are intended to be practiced only by a small group.