Shravan Maas

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Shravan is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar counted from Chaitra,which is the most auspicious month of the Chaturmas.During this period,the star 'Shravan' rules the sky, hence the month is called Shravan. Shravan is the holiest month of the year.In this month there are many festivals and ceremonies and almost all the days of this month are very auspicious.

Every Monday of this month,is called as Shravani Somvar, is a very auspicious day of Lord Shiva.In Shiva temples the Dharanatra hangs over the Shiv-ling ,for 'abhishek',ie to bathe it with milk and holy water.The Shiv-ling is worshipped by offering Bel leaves and flowers,while chanting the Shiva mantra.Devotees observe a fast till sunset.


As per the legend,the 'Samudra Manthan' ie the churning of oceans,took place in the month of Shravan when fourteen different types of rubies and the poison(halaal) emerged from it.Lord Shiva swallowed the Halahal and stored it in the throat.Hence he is named as Neelkanth (blue throat) .

All the Gods thereafter started offering the river Ganges water to Lord Shiva to dilute the poison and lessen the effect.This was in the month of Shravan,hence the devotees of Shiva observe Shravani Somwar(Monday), and worship by offering the Ganges water to Shiva.

It is beleived that,offering milk to Lord Shiva,in this month, earns a lot of Punya and blessings of Lord Shiva. Rituals Of Shravan Maas.

On a sacred Monday,start a fast(from 12 midnight) and take a sacred bath.Pour milk and sacred water on the Shiv-ling and start the 'abhishek' by chanting Shiv-Mantrs.Apply vibhuti on the forehead after offering to Shiva.

Pile up the Bel leaves and white flowers on the Ling and offer 'Panchamrit'(Yoghurt,milk,honey, jaggery and pure butter).Chant the Maha Mrityunjay Mantra,Shiva-Chalisa and Mantras.Offer sweets,fruits to Shiva as 'Prasad' and chant Shiv-Arti by ringing the bell.

Distribute ths Prasad to the people present over there.End the fast on sunset and eat vegetarian food without garlic and onion.Full day continue the Japnam ie chanting of Shiv-mantra or Names of Shiva,with a rosery (mala of beeds)of Rudraksha.By observing all such Shravan Somvar,the worship of whole year is supposed to be complete.

Shravani Days

In the month of Shravan every day has a special significance and ritual.

Shravan Monday This is the day of Lord Shiva. Shravan Tuesday On this day Mata Gauri is worshipped by women.

Shravan Wednesday This day is dedicated to Vitthal,a form of Vishnu.

Shravan Thursday Worship of Buddha and Guru(Teacher)

Shravan Friday Worship of Mata Lakshmi and Tulsi.

Shravan Saturday The day of planet,Saturn (Shani)whichis known as Sampat Shanivar (Wealth Saturday).

Sundays The Sun is worshipped every day.

Festivals in Shravan Month

All the festivals in the month of Shravan are celebrated with special rituals and customs.

1*Nag Panchami



4*Hindola or Swinging

5*Narali Poornima

6*Shravani Poornima


8 *Raksha Bandhan

9*Vara Lakshmi Vrata

10*Rishi Panchami

11*Govatsa and Bahula

12*Shitala Saptmi



15*Pithori Pola