Sare Jahan se Achha, Indian Patriotic Song

Sare Jahan Se Achchha,the Urdu patriotic song was written by a Pakistani poet,Muhammad Iqbal,which is also known as 'Tarana-e-Hindi'.It was written for the children and was published in the weekly journal Ittehad on 16 August 1904 and it was later published in 1924 in the Urdu book Bang-i-Dara.

The tune of this song was composed by sitarist Ravi Shankar,in1950s and the melody queen Lata Mangeshkar had rendered her voice. The verses no.s 1,3,4 & 6 became unofficial national anthem in India and were played for official parade of the Indian Armed Forces.

In the year 1984,the first Indian cosmonaut Rakesh Sharma,described the look of India from outer space by chanting the first line of this song.It is the known fact that,Mahatma Gandhi,during his Yerawada Jail inprisonment in the 1930s,sang this song more than hundred times. Saare Jahan Se Achcha is sung and played on all the patriotic events by schools,offices,clubs,government offices etc.The song has been popular in India since more than hundred years.

Sare Jahan se Accha - Lyrics in Devnagari Script

सारे जहाँ से अच्छा हिन्दोस्तान हमारा
हम बुलबुले है इसकी ये गुलसिता हमारा ॥
घुर्बत मे हो अगर हम रहता है दिल वतन मे
समझो वही हमे भी दिल है जहाँ हमारा ॥१॥
परबत वो सब से ऊंचा हमसाय आसमाँ का
वो संतरी हमारा वो पासबा हमारा ।२॥
गोदी मे खेलती है इसकी हजारो नदिया
गुलशन है जिनके दम से रश्क-ए-जना हमारा ।३॥
ए अब रौद गंगा वो दिन है याद तुझको
उतर तेरे किनारे जब कारवाँ हमारा ॥४॥
मझहब नही सिखाता आपस मे बैर रखना
हिन्दवी है हम वतन है हिन्दोस्तान हमारा ॥५॥
युनान-ओ-मिस्र-ओ-रोमा सब मिल गये जहाँ से
अब तक मगर है बांकी नामो-निशान हमारा ॥६॥
कुछ बात है की हस्ती मिटती नही हमारी
सदियो रहा है दुश्मन दौर-ए-जमान हमारा ॥७॥
इक़्बाल कोइ मेहरम अपना नही जहाँ मे
मालूम क्या किसी को दर्द-ए-निहा हमारा ॥८॥

Sare Jahan se Accha - Transliteration

Sare jahan se accha hindostan hamara,
ham bulbulain hai is ki, yeh gulsitan hamara ll

ghurbat men hon agar ham, rahta hai dil vatan men
samjho vahīn hamen bhī, dil hain jahan hamara ll1ll

parbat voh sab se ūncha, hamsaya asman ka
voh santari hamara, voh pasban hamara ll2ll

godi men kheltī hain is ki hazaron nadiya
gulshan hai jin ke dam se, rashk-e-janan hamara ll3ll

aye ab, raud, ganga, voh din hen yad tujhko
utara tere kinare, jab karvan hamara ll4ll

maz'hab nahīn sikhata apas men bayr rakhna
hindvi hai ham, vatan hai hindostan hamara ll5ll

yūnan-o-misr-o-roma, sab miṭ gaye jahan se
ab tak magar hai baqi, nam-o-nishan hamara ll6ll

kuch bat hai keh hastī, miṭati nahīn hamarī
sadiyon raha hai dushman, daur-e-zaman hamara ll7ll

iqbal ko'ī meharam, apna nahīn jahan men
m'alūm kya kisī ko, dard-e-nihan hamara ll8ll

Sare Jahan se Accha - Translation

Our Hindustan is better than the entire world,
we are its nightingales of mirth and it is our garden abode

Though in foreign lands we may reside, with our homeland our hearts abide,
Regard us also to be there, where exist our hearts

That mountain most high, neighbor to the skies;
it is our sentinel; it is our protector

In the lap of whose, play thousands of rivers;
gardens they sustain; the envy-of-the-heavens of ours

O waters of the Ganga mighty, do you recall the day
when on your banks, did land the caravan of ours

Religion does not teach us to harbour grudges between us
Indians we all are; India, our motherland

While Greece, Egypt , Rome have all been wiped out
till now yet remains, this civilization of ours {it has stood the test of time}

Something there is that keeps us,our entity from being eroded
For ages has been our enemy, the way of the world

Iqbal! Is there no soul that could
understand the pain in thy heart ?