Sankashti Chaturthi

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* Moon Blessed
Lord Ganesh was once returning home from a feast at Lord Kuber's home when he slipped off and fell down.The stomach full of meal got burst out.On Seeing this, the Moon laughed loudly.

Angry Ganesha cursed the Moon,that whoever sees the moon on Chaturthi day, they would be accused of theft.Since then the Moon started loosing his popularity. The Moon regretted his mistake and started worshipping to please the Lord and finally was successful to get an apology from Ganesha.

The already granted curse could not be reversed,but Lord Ganesh blessed the Moon by saying that, 'On Sankashti Chaturthi, no devotee will consume the meals until your face is seen and prayers are offered to you".
* Sankashti

Once God Indra was flying a plane above the kingdom of king Shursen. One sinner saw Indra's plane and with his ill- look the plane landed down.Kng Shursen was pleased to see God Indra and saluted him. Indra told him about the sinner's ill-look and the plane's landing.

Indra said,that today is Paush-Panchami and yesterday was the Chaturthi.If anyone fasted yesterday and gives his virtue to me then my plane will start. Soldiers searched the city but unfortunately they found no one. At the same time some soldiers saw Ganesh-Doot (a soldier of Ganesha) taking away a woman who died recently.

When soldiers asked ,he told them that yesterday whole day that woman was asleep and did not eat anything. After moon-rise she woke up and ate some food.Without her knowledge Sankashti-Chaturthi was observed by her and she died today.

A person who does Sankashti-Chaturthi goes to Ganesh-loka. Soldiers requested Ganesh-Doot to give that woman to them to help Indra. But he refused to do so.The wind which flown from the dead woman's body went till God Indra's plane and it started. It means that the wind which touched that virtuous body also become virtuous.

The person who observes Sankashti-Chaturthi (fasting till the moonrise and then eat food) will collect lot of virtues.That person goes to Ganesh-lok after the death.
* Angaraki
A devotee named Angarak worshipped Ganesha for a very long time with rigerous meditation.Ganesha was pleased and appeared before him on the day of sankashti and the day was Tuesday.Ganesha blessed him saying that the Sankashti coming on Tuesday will be named after him as 'Angaraki".

Sankashti Chaturthi Dates & Moonrise Time - 2018 & 19