Tukaram Maharaj

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Saint Tukaram was born to Bolhoba and Kanakai,in the year 1608,in a small village of Dehu,in Maharashtra,India.He had two other brothers.Though they belonged to the lower class, the family was satisfied and enjoyed good social standing in the village.

Tukaram's troubles started with the illness of his father, due to which he had to start supporting his family at the tender age of thirteen. Soon,both of his parents left for heavenly abode.Tukaram's problems got increased and he had a financial pinch.

Saint Tukaram who was married two times had three sons .His first wife Rakhumabai died due to starvation, and his second wife Jijabai,was much younger than his first wife and she had little patience with his devotion and for God and nagged him continuously.

Tukaram was initiated without any intermediaries as the other saints usually were. He had a dream that he was initiated by the Lord Hari himself draped as a Brahmin. Saint Tukaram day and night sang the praises of the God,in the form of Abhangs(Devotional Songs of Praises) which he wrote,in his own language, Marathi.The Abhangs expressed his feelings and philosophy.By the age of 41 years,Saint Tukaram composed over 5,000 Abhangs.

The Abhangs are related to the God, Vithoba. His Abhangs became very popular in the common people, which caused the religious organisations to hate and criticise him since they were losing their hold over the masses. The Abhangs of Saint Tukaram are very popular in devotees and are sung very often. .