Sadguru Shankar Maharaj

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Sadguru Shankar Maharaj, used to drink with a specific purpose.With his drunken appearance ,he wanted to keep the unwanted people away.There are instances,when Maharaj gave a brandy glass to a devotee and asked them to drink it. But to the surprise it was obesrved not a liquor but sweet coconut water.

He used to address people by the swear words, but without malice. By the blessings of Maharaj ,the disciples got rid of all problems.The immense kindness and compassion of Maharaj were consistent with his being a Nath Panthi in the Guru tradition.

The aim of a Nath Panthi is to help people,without any selfish motive. Due to the compassion for all living, They take birth again and againin all communities and not necessarily ordained as a Nath Panthi during that birth.

One day near the river Chandrabhaga,near a place called Machnur.he followed a deer,who entered a Shiva temple. When he was about to release the arrow, a Yogi came, and lifted the deer.

The Yogi advised him.not to harass the innocent animals,instead he can hunt the wild ones.But Shankar Maharaj shot two arrows one after another,which failed.The Yogi smiled and fondled Maharaj with love.

The divine touch,Maharaj received was from the great Yogi, Swami Samartha of Akkalkot.Shankar Maharaj stayed with him for six months and he got prescious guidence from him.The Yogi advised him to go for pilgrimage.Soon,Maharaj,left for the Himalayas where he did a severe penance.

Later on Maharaj spent his time with the siddhayogis. During the Peshwa rule,Maharaj had received Dakshina from Peshwas hands in Shanniwarwada in Pune.During the British rule,a British Collector adopted him as his Spiritual guide,who took Maharaj to England and stayed for ten years teaching the yoga path to this British officer.

Shankar Maharaj was a miraculous yogi,who had a power of creation of matter,shifting from one place to other instantly,being at several places at the same time, feeding a multitude from the small quantity of food and many more. Maharaj perfomed these miracles to draw people to spiritual path.

Once,Maharaj approached a doctor.The doctor being under tension due to personal problems.asked Maharaj to leave and when he did not, pushed him down the stairs.As a result of chaos, the doctor fainted and became unconscious.

When the doctor got back to his senses he found himself on the lap of Maharaj ,who carrased him like mother.The doctor realised the facet of Maharaj and from that moment he completely surrendered to Maharaj.

Maharaj gave spiritual guidance to millions, who are evolving spiritually under his protection even today. Dr Dhaneshwar was his principle disciple.

On April 24th 1947.Maharaj left for his heavenly abode. Even after samadhi he visits his devotees to solve their problems and to guide them. Maharaj had said, "I am a slave of the simple and teach lessons to the scoundrels. I am the blotting paper of egoistic people. I cannot tolerate ego. I suck it out."