Sant Narsi Mehta

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Sant Narsi Mehta, from the land of Surat.lived around 14th century AD and is one of the greatest devotees of the God He is the composer of the soul-stirring song, "Vaishnava Jana to Tene Kahiye je", which describes the qualities of a devotees

Sant Narsi Mehta was a great devotee of Lord Krishna right from his childhood. He was unmindful of his worldly affairs being ever intoxicated by devotion. He was fortunate to get the darshan of Lord Krishna on multiple occasions.The Lord came to the rescue of his devotee fulfilling his promise that he takes care of the Yoga and Kshema of those who constantly think of Him.

Narsi Mehta was a poor man but his daughter's wedding was performed very grandly and rich presents were given on the occasion.It is beleivede that the the God himself performed the wedding. At another time, when Narsi Mehta and his brother were very hungry while they were traveling, the Lord appeared in the form of a shepherd boy, took them to a cottage and offered them food. A little later when his brother returned to take a vessel he had left there, he found neither the cottage nor the shepherd boy anywhere.

Once while performing the Shraddha ceremony of his father, Sant Narsi Mehta was sent to fetch some ghee from the marker. On the way he saw a group of devotees doing sankirtan(God Prayers). He forgot everything about the ghee and began singing the praises of the Lord. As his wife was eagerly awaiting his return so she could feed the priests, Lord Krishna Himself came in the guise of Sant Narsi Mehta with ghee in hand.

Sant Narsi Mehta has composed many wonderful divine poems in praise of the Lord, and which encapsulate the spiritual truths. He composed these in Gujarati,his mother tongue. These small compositions stir the souls of many a devotees to this day. The life and compositions of this great Bhakta never fail to inspire us. .

Narsinha Mehta's Chora

Narsinh Mehta's Chora is a highly esteemed place.In the 15th century,the saint Narsinha Mehta,who was a great poet,used to organise his religious discourses and devotional songs.

There exists a small temple of Gophnath and the idol of Shri Damodar Raiji and Narsinh Mehta.He was an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna.He was a scholar, philosopher and a social performer. Narsinh Mehta was one of the most reputed poets of India.