Sadguru Narayan maharaj Shreegondekar

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Narayan maharaj wanted to educate his two brothers,Keshav ,Shankar and settle his sisters to give peace to his mother's mind.Unfortunately he lost his mother and Maharaj shifted his brothers to Thane and returned himself back to Murud.

Shree Rajarambhau Gupte,had a great liking for Maharaj and offered him his daughter.Though not willing,Maharaj was insisted upon by all elders to get married and settle. So,in the year 1902,Maharaj got married.But Maharaj was restless and he left for Madras for meditations and his spiritual activities.Later on,Maharaj reached to Pune,Chinchwad where he had a great pleasure to visit the Ganesha shrine and he was getting divine pleasure in the worship of Shree Ganesha.

There he got an opportunity to listen to great preechers and learned the divine lessons.Also in the meantime he started studying the Astrology.He had then a deep study in astrology and had surprised people with his amazing forcasts.After the sad demise of his brother shree Keshavrao,Shree Narayan Maharaj quit the astrology and started for pilgrimage.

To start with ,he reached to Morgaon,the Ashtavinayak shrine of Shree Mayureshwar and Maharaj had his meditation there.He then decided to visit all the Shree Ganesha shrines on the way and visited the divine places Pandharpur,Akkalkot,Tuljapur,Gangapur,Newase and finally ,he sat for meditation in a jungle,which was on the way.

Maharaj visited many divine places but he was not able to find a convincing Guru,who could guide him.He even thought of going to Himalayas by sacrificing everything.During this period on the day of 'Sankashti' he had a 'Sakshatkar' of Shree Ganesha .

Shree Ganesha handedover him to a 'Sadhu' and told the Sadhu -'take care of my child' ie Maharaj.Soon,Maharaj had an opportunity to attend a "Kirtan" of a wellknown Swami,which was fully crowded.

To his great surprise,the Swamy was no one else but the 'Sadhu' in the 'Sakshatkar' of Shree Ganesha.Maharaj had tears of joy in his eyes and threw himself on his feet with ecstacy.

The Sadhu exclaimed-'Shree Ganesha only Introduced us' and passed on the message to him.Maharaj got the divine Mantra from him-"Aum Gan Ganapataye Namaha ". The great personality,the Swami,the Sadhu was " Sant Sadguru Shree Krishnanand Maharaj Shreegondekar ".

Later on,as per Shree Krishnanand Swami's wish ,Maharaj and his brother Shankar both accompanied him to Shreegonde and devoted their life in the Sewa of their Guru.Shree Narayan Maharaj was Sadguru of thousands of devotees from all over Maharashtra,who came regularly to Shreegonde,for his Darshan.

The devotees had formed a group called ' Shree Narayan Sewa Mandal ',and organised many programmes at Shreegonde.In the year 1952 Sant Shree Sadguru Narayan Maharaj took ' Samadhi ' and left for his heavenly abode.