Sadguru Muktanand Swami

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Sadguru Muktanand Swami, Muldas, a well known saint of Amreli, in Saurastra, adapted a lady named Tatanba as his sister, who came to sucide in a deep way at early in the morning due to some reason. She was pregnant, but unmarried. Letter on she give a birth to a girl named Radha. Radhabai marry to Anandram. Both were living happy life.

On 1814 AD, Posh Sud - 7, Radhabai give a birth to a child. At the time of birth he look like a great saint, so Muldas give his name "Mukundas". At the small child age he didn't like games, any things, but only close his eyes and pray to God.

Mukundas learn some religious books and music from Jaduram and Hathiram. His mind was looking only to go away from society and pray God. So, his parents afraid to loose him. They force him to marry. After the marriage, he didn't like home and became a self made mad man. So his relative give him permission to leave home.

As a mad man he was running free the animals, make red eyes on somebody and speak loudly "Ram Ghataa Ghata mahudi fuli". His parents tried. And finally at one night he leace from his village.

He went to different village for true Guru, who live without lady as a bramchari and can meet him real God. Somebody told him to go Dhangdhra and meet Dwarkadasji. He went their and told his aim, but Dwarkadasji was not a real bramchari, so he guide to him to go to Vankaner and meet to Saint name Kalyandas.

Kalyandas was a saint, who was wearing underwear made of copper, and locked it all time. When Mukundas meet him, he told it is impossible to leave bramchari in this kalyug. Fourty years before, I went to some village aksed a lady the way to go to Ujjain City. The lady was very young and show him the way to Ujjain, making special style of her hand. I still remember her in my mind. So go home and get marry, don't cheat yourself by seeing our copper underwear.

. Mukundas started Crying, "O my Lord, show me the right sadguru, so I remain bramchari and prey to God." He hear some unkown voice, "Go to Sardhar. You will get your Guru." Mukundas went to Sardhar and stay in Ramji Temple with priest name Tulsidas. Tulsidas was a good saint, who himself going house to house, get some food and feed the people, who came to visit the temple. At night they read Ramayan.

Mukundas help him to do all this nicely, so Tulsidas trust him and give all keys at the temple. One day at night Mukundas find very few people in temple, so he asked Tulsidas a reason. Tulsidas said, "Ramanand Swami came to our village so lot of people going there."

Mukundas himself started going there. He saw the Ramanand Swami and his mind got peace. Real Saint give a peace to mind all time. He recall that at vakarner get a real saint at sardhar. Now I got it. Mukundas asked Ramanand Swami to adopt him as his saint. Ramanand Swami first said, "no". and told him to get permission of his Guru. Without his permission, please don't come here.

But Mukundas like the Ramanand Swami's real religious philosophi, so he started hiding himself and here the religious stories. The body guard catch him and brought him to Ramanand Swami again prohibited him to come without permission of his Guru.

Mukundas came to Ranji temple and asked permission from Tulsidas. He refuse to give permission. So, mukundas got mad and started to give money & clothes to people free. He made good sweat and give it to all people. So Tulsidas said, "What happen to you? All the storage will get empty."

Mukundas sail, "we will goto antoher village." Tulsidas said, "leave this temple immidiatlly." Mukundas said, "give me in writing that I am no longer with you. I can go any place." Tulsidas give him in writing on paper and the Mukundas went Bandhia to meet Ramanand Swami.

Ramanand Swami ordered him to work in farm with Mulubhai. Mukundas worked in farm one year. He still didn't know about farm but order of Ramanand Swami he never deny. One day Mulubhai told swami real story and give diksha and new name "Muktanand Swami". He became number one saint in all saints. Ramanand Swami the sent him to Lojpur with fifty saints to start "sadavrat", give food and shelter to all visitor. Ramanand Swami said, "I am only stase maker, the ral god will came later." Muktanand Swami now waiting for real God.

One day Sukhanand Swami went to Vavya to take bath in the morning and show beatiful young saint. On 1856 AD, Shhravan Sud 6, Sukhanand Swami brought to ashram. Muktanand Swami show this small saint Nilkanth Varni and surprise by looking his face, and also small age both introduce each other. Nilkanth Varni asked five words confication, (1)Jiva, (2) Maya, (3)Ishwar, (4)Brahma, and (5)Par_Brahma.

Muktanand Swami answer it properly and said more confication my Guru Ramanand Swami knows because he show them personally by his eyes all time. Nilkanth Varni stay their with men name "Sajudas" upto nine months. Muktanand Swami and other saint learn yoga in detail. Both wrote a letter to Ramanand Swami. Ramanand Swami replied and suggested Sarjudas to stay with Muktanand Swami until he come there.

Sarjudas suggest to Muktanand Swami to close window between Ashram and Satsangi's home. Also he suggest to make separate sabha of gents and ladies. Ramanand Swami came to Fanani Village and all saint meet him there. Later he choose Sarjudas as his next successer for Gadi at Jetpur village and give him new name."Sahajanand Swami". Sahajanand Swami started "Samadhi" to everbody.

Muktanand Swami come to know about that in Bhuj, so he came to meet Sahajanand Swami and give suggestion to stop it. In the morning he went to Khakhra's jungle. He shaw Ramanand Swami there. Ramanand Swami said, "I told you,I am just preparing stage, and real drama-maker will come next. This is Lord himself. So obey him." Muktanand Swami made one garland of flowers and told Sahajanand Swami to seat on thrown of Ramanand Swami. and sing aarati "Jay Sadaguru Swami". We all singing this aarati everyday.

One day Muktanand Swami went in a small village. Lord Swaminarayan restriceted to eat sweat, Hot, butter, sugar at all. All saint were hungry. One old lady prepared Khichadiand add lots of Ghee inside because she don't want saint to eat simple food.

some saint said No, but Muktanand Swami ordered to eat rest saint and took responsibility. They came back and meet Lord. Some saint complaint of breaking law, but Lord Swaminarayan appriciate Muktanand Swami for his proper decision.

Due to knowlede, goot character and tremendous face looking Lord Swaminarayan send muktanand swami to Baroda city to discuss about religuin. Muktanand swami give lots of examples from different holy books and prove Lord Swaminarayan a superior God of all incarnation and his swaminarayan religion is official. He win the sabha and Lord Swaminarayan made him "Sadaguru" at Adalaj Village.

one day Muktanand Swami and Brahmanand Swami was going to some village name Karda. A crook priest call them to their temple and lock them in a room. Then he brought a big knife and said "I will cut your hari, nose, and ears."

Brahamand Swami said, "If this man will cut our nose and ears, then it will look funny in our society. Muktanand Swami replied, "In this world people cut the nose and ears of some crooked, bad, thief people, and we have to cut the nose and ear for Lord Swaminarayan. Let see how God wish. And a muslim pass by there the word of crooked priest and came to temple. He tied up him and made both saints free.

Both saints bless him. Muktanand Swami never afraid in any bad circumstance.Lord Swaminarayan also praise Muktanand Swami in Vachanamurt, "I have to much love on Muktanand Swami this confidence, respectness and faith in God is very well.i" He suffest him to write books about God`s inhumen activities upto end of his life. He wrote many books and Kirtan that we are reading and singing everyday. He wrote "Sati-Gita" for ladies also.After Lord Swaminarayan went to akshardham on 45th day, 1886 AD, Ashadh Vad 11th, he also went to akshardham.