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Mirabai, the saint of India, is regarded as one of the prime mystics on the earth. Her spiritual qualities were seen from her childhood.

She had very intimate attachment with Giridhar Gopal, a form of Shri. Krishna. Rama Ratan was her father and she was a princess of the Rathod clan.

It belonged to the Medath of Rajasthan. She was married to Bhojraj, the crown prince of Chittore. The idol of Giridhar Gopal was placed in her palace premises, where she spent all her time in devotional activities before her beloved idol.

The palace started attracting many devotees and spiritual seekers. The in-laws were annoyed of her all these devotional activities. Also Mirabai refused to worship the in-laws deity Durga, since she was committed herself to Sri Krishna.

Mirabai's strange behaviour was not acceptable to the in-laws and they attempted to kill her on many occasions, but everytime she was saved by Lord Krishna.

Later, Mirabai started getting popularity throughout the region for her saintly qualities and sadhus and other people used to join with her singing bhajans.

The in-laws started passing defamatory remarks about her suspicious behaviour with men in her room. The husband, when entered the room with sword, found Mirabai playing with a doll and no one around her.

Her husband and father-in-law passed away soon. However the death of her husband did not matter to her, as she believed to be married to Giridhar Gopal.


The Legend - Mirabai and Akbar

Mirabai's bhajans were chanted across northern India and her fame spread all over. Soon the popularity spirituality of Mirabai reached to the knowledge of Moghul Emperor Akbar, who very interested in various religious beliefs.

Akbar wanted to meet mirabai but her in-laws had enmity with Akbar. Hence to meet Mirabai was a problem. Finally, disguised as a beggar, and accompanied by Tansen he determined to visit Mirabai.

Akbar when listened to her soulful and devotional singing was highly impressed and placed at her feet a precious necklace while leaving.

However, somehow the visit of king Akbar was informed to her husband, who was irate that a Muslim and their enemy set eyes on his wife. He was very furious and ordered Mirabai to jump in the river and commit suicide immediately.

As a honour to her husband's order, she attempted to enter the river but Sri Krishna appeared before her and directed her to leave for Brindaban where she could get complete peace to worship him.

Mirabai soon left for Brindaban with her followers and spent her time in devotion to Sri Krishna. Bhojraj, who understood that his wife was a real saint, repented for all his evil acts.

Soon he reached Brindaban and requested her to return back home, which she obeyed though the other family members were reluctant.

Later Bhojraj died in battle with moghuls and by taking advantage of thesituation her father in law commanded her to commit Sati ie throwing herself on her husband's funeral pyre and commit suicide.

However, Mirabai refused to do so with the inner belief that her real husband, Sri Krishna had not died.

After this incident she was tortured very badly and her movements were restricted make her life miserable. Further the in-laws tried to kill her through a venomous snake and also through poisonous drink.

But mirabai was fully safeguared by Sri Krishna and she did not receieve any harm of any nature. She was later advised by the learned men to leave the palace and return back to Brindaban.

Very soon, with some of her followers, she managed to escape to Brindaban, where she was free to worship Giridhara to her full satisfaction by singing bhajans.

She was mad for the love of Shri. Krishna believed herself to be a Gopi of Vrindaban. In the year 1614 Mirabai left for her heavenly abode.


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