Sant Jalaram Baba

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Sant Jalaram Baba, was a great saint from Gujarat.He was born on the 4th of November 1799 ,on the seventh day of the bright half of the kartik,Vikram era 1856,in the village of Virpur,Gujarat. His father's name was Pradhan Thakkar and his mother's name was Rajbai.

At the age of 16, Jalaram Bapa married Virbai but he was neither interested in household life nor in his father's business.

He was mostly involved with the highly spiritual personalities.He took away from his father's business and joined his uncle, Valjibhai,was very fond of Jalaram and decided to go for a pilgrimage to holy places with him.

At the age of 18, Bapa accepted Shree Bhojalram from Fatehpur as his Guru. With the blessings of his guru, he started "Sadavrat", a place where all sadhus and saints as well as the needy could eat at any time of the day.

Very soon Jalaram Bapa's fame spread all over as an incarnation of the God.He had a first meeting with the God at the age of five and since then he was all the time muttering Ram Ram.

One day a group of Sadhus came to his uncle's shop and Jalaram supplied them with yards of cloth,rice and flour.He also took the vessel filled with Ghee.

The next door trader informed his uncle about this.His uncle inquired about the contents of the bundle and vessel. Jalaram told him that he carried dung cakes and water in the vessel.His uncle asked him to show.

Jalaram untied the bundle and there were dung cakes in it and then turned the vessel when water poured out of it. Everyone was amazed at the scene but Jalaram knew the miracle of God.

One day a Saint happened to come at Jalaram's place and Jalaram served him with muttering the name of God. The Saint was pleased and gifted him a small Krishna Idol and said that,Hanumanji will soon appear himself here at your place.

On the third day,an Idol of Hanumanji made its appearance there. Day by day the visits of Sadhus and pilgrims to him increased, So Virbai had given away allher ornaments. There are many miracles to the credit of Saint Jalaram Bapa.