Sadguru Gagangiri Maharaj

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Sadguru Gagangiri Maharaj, original name,'Shripad', from Patankar family and belongs to village Manadure in Maharashtra,India. At the age of 7 he left his home and He went to Battees-Shirala,where there is Math (Dwelling) of Nathsampradaya(cult).Sri Gagangiri Maharaj as a youthful sanyasi, also moved about with Mahants (Senior Sages) right up to the Himalayas.

During pilgrimages he learnt yoga and religious practices. He travelled a lot to places such as Nepal, Bhutan, Manas Sarovar etc.He travelled through the valley of Ganga, Himachal Pradesh and reached near Badrika Ashram,ice-clad mountains.When Gagangiri Maharaj was extremely tired and he decided to rest in a cave. When he was resting, a sage wearing saffron robes appeared there from the mountains.

He sprinkled water from his Kamandalu(Pot) on the his face.He did a number of Kaya Kalpas (Rejuvenation). In this process he invented several new concepts in Tantrik techniques and proved them true.He said "You will now attain the state of salvation, and you shall be responsible for the welfare of humanity and you shall go to the South. Accordingly, Maharaj moved from the cave. He experienced a lot of difficulties and arrived at Rhishikesh.

Swamiji then decided to move all over India alone on foot and accordingly his journey started. He did penance at a number of places like Mauli Kund, Mauli Kada, Zanzu water etc.He did penance in a pond near the river at Sangashi, Vazar, Vesraf, Palsambe, Ramling etc. Later he went to Vijaydurg, in the Konkan area from where he reached Bombay by steamer. During 1945 to 1948, he did Kayakalpa at Angale, near Rajapur in Konkan.