Eknath Maharaj

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Eknath Maharaj was a major saint of the Varakavi Sampradaya founded by Jhanadeva. He was born in 1533 at Paithan. He could not rget much parental love as he lost his parents at a very early age.

Eknath was initiated by Guru Janardana, a devotee of Dattatreya. He was unique as he represented a blend of Vedanta and Sufism. He was a devout "Gurabhakta" and wrote by the name of Eka-janardana meaning "ekanath of Janardana".

He dropagated two forms of bhakti to Saguna Brahman-as an end in itself and as a means. Generally, the Advaitic tradition identifies with the latter, considering that meditation of God with form does not lead to moksha (liberation) but only to Krama-mukti (gradual liberation).

He was also a prolific writer and wrote "Bhavartha Ramayana" numerous Abahngasí and "Bharudas". His Bhagavata popularised the Vedanta philosophy to a great extent. He explains beautifully the nine traditional limbs of the "Bhakti marga" with examples from saints.