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Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu, ie Shri.Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi, alias 'Bapu', a Mumbai based doctor, was born in 1956 and studied in a school at Parel, Mumbai, India. He was a very brilliant student and gold medallist and gained his MD, specialised in rheumatology.

He was a lecturer in Nair Hospital till 1985 and later started his own practice in Dadar and Parel, Mumbai, which he continued till 1998.

Bapu was a married man,with a normal life, with two children. In 1981 he started studying ayurveda and experienced a radical shift in his thinking.The transition from Dr Aniruddha Joshi to "Bapu", is an interesting story.

Shri. Saibaba of Shirdi had handed over three of his personal belongings to Shri. Govind Raghunath Dabholkar, who was also known as Hemadpant and was a close devotee of Saibaba.

Baba assured him that one day he would come back to take the possession of his belongings. As the time elapsed, the Baba's belongings were then passed on over to Hemadpant's grand-son.

His name was Govind Gajanan Dabholkar, also known as Appa Dabholkar. This secret was known only to the family members of Shri. Govind Dabholkar.

The belongings contained-a shaligram (holy stone used in pooja), a small trishul(trident) and a Jaap Mala(rosary). These belongings were mentained by Shri Dabholkar at his ancestral home at Bandra, named Sai Niwas.

Sai Niwas, was always associated with Saibaba, where Sai pooja was performed,daily since 1911. Dr Joshi, was a hardcore devotee of Saibaba and visited Sai Niwas regularly.

On May 27, 1996, Dr Joshi went to Sai Niwas and asked for the articles belonging to Sai Baba. The full family was dazed to see the manifestation of Sai Baba. But as per Bapu's request, this was not disclosed till 1998.

As the news came out,devotees surrounded Aniruddha Bapu. Today, lakhs of devotees beleive him to be the form of Mahavishnu. Nandamata, Bapu's wife, is also worshipped as incarnation of Mata Laksmi.

The Dabholkars are pleased with the fact that Shri. Saibaba has once again entered the lives of their family in human form.

Bapu is full of prem (love) and karuna (compassion)and teaches that,the mistakes can always be corrected. Bapu remembers the names of all the persons who meet him.

Animals, especially cows and dogs, are attracted towards him with tears of joy into their eyes. Dr Keshav Narsikar studied with Bapu in Ruia College, Mumbai and Nair Medical College from 1972 till 1979.

He remembers the brilliance of Bapu who could cite from any textbook, even gave cross-references off hand which was not possible for any clever student. He was also very famous for his excellent oration.

Bapu advises his disciples to read 'Sai Satcharitra', Saibaba's biography written by Hemadpant. To ensure the scientific study of this message of Saibaba, he introduced the Panchasheel examinations-a set of five exams, including practicals at the final level.

This is held twice each year, which is attended in large numbers. In 1999, Aniruddha Bapu established a 'Gurukul' at Juinagar, for the propagation of Ayurveda and Mudgal Vidya, the martial arts of ancient India.

Bapu instituted the Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Upasana Trust (SSAUT), Bapu's blend of spiritual wisdom and pragmatism appeals in today's materialistic world with its fast pace and slackening spiritual moves.

Bapu's divine mission of re-establishing the three fundamental principles of the Almighty - Satya (Truth), Prem (Love) and Anand (Joy) was unveiled before the world in the year 1996. Bapu's devotees are spread, in India and abroad. There are so many activities taking place by his grace.


Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu Vandana


During the Pravachan(dicourse) on Thursday, 1st April 2010 at Harigurugram, Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu released the "Guru Mantra" for all His Shraddhavans.

It is called "Shri. Gurukshetram Mantra". Sadguru Bapu has released this Gurukshetram for the generations that would be born on this earth in future.

This Mantra acts on all the three forms of body, i.e. 'Sthool', 'Sukshma' & 'Tarala'. It also acts on our mind, soul, intelligence.

It also acts on Cough, Gall and gas. It is also in action when we are awake, asleep or even in dreams. The Mantra of Adimata Chandika i.e.

Acts as the torchbearer of this Gurukshetram Mantra.

This Mantra clears your future path and acts on your present, future, also on the past. It performs the function of ending obstructions, sins and wraths in life of its follower.

In the second para, Bapu explained that Lord Ram is our Atmaram (soul) and His soul is Lord Dattatrey. Lord Hanuman is Shri. Ram's life and in turn Lord Hanuman is our Mahapran.

The last line of this para says Bapu is a living Ramnaam i.e. name of Lord ShriRam. It also says that Bapu is the embodiment of Ramnaam.

Bapu is with those who performs Purushartha (manlyhood) and supports those who attempt things regardless of the result. He doesn't support who relies on destiny and do not take efforts.

In the last paragraph means blossoming.The desirous of accepting this mantra has to recite this mantra in front of Sadguru Bapu or his Image, saying that, "Bapu I have taken this as my Guru Mantra.

However, Bapu clears that this mantra's action depends on the belief, love and bhakti of the performer. Bapu also said that once one accepts this Mantra as his Gurumantra, he becomes 50% best over others.

Ghanta Mantra

Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu has explained the importance of the Ghanta Mantra and the Ghanta(Bell), which is installed at Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram. The Mantra is mentioned on Page No. 73 (Adhyay No. 10) of Bapu's 'Grantha Matruvatsalyavindanam'.

The Mantra is written both in Sanskrit and Marathi scripts. This Ghanta is also held by Mata Mahishasurmardini Chandika,as an 'Astra' (Weapon),which no other God or Goddess has ever used. This Ghanta has specific Mantra associated with it.It is installed at Shri. Aniruddha Gurukshetram at Khar and Shri. Gurukul, Juinagar.

Hinasti Daityatejansi swapnenapoorya ya jagat l
Sa Ghanta patu no devi papebhyo nah sutaniv ll

ll Shri. Aniruddha Bapu Upasana ll (English)

Vakratunda Mahaakaaya Kotisurya samaprabha Nirvighnam Kuru May Deva Sarvakaaryeshu Sarvada

Anasuyo Trisambhuto Dattatreyo Digambarah
Smartrugaami Swabhaktaanaam Uddhartaa Bhavsankataat

| Shri. Adimata Shubhankara Stavanam |

Aadimaatay Vedmaatay Bhaktaanugrah Kaarini
Sarvatra Vyapike Anantay Shreegayatri Namostu Te

Taalustha Tvam Sadaadhaara Bindusthaa Bindumaalini
Paraatpare Vaatsalya Shaktih Anasuye Namostu Te.

Kukarma - Kusanga - Kubuddhi Kudhrushtivinashini
Chaamunday Chandamundmathane Mahishasurmaridini Namostu Te

Praatarbaala Cha Madhyaanhay Yovanasthaa Bhavet Punah
Vruddha Saayam Bhagawati Maha Devyaye Namo Namah

Ya Devi Sarvabhooteshu Maatrurupen Sansthita
Namastasyay Namastasyay Namastasyay Namo Namah

ll Dhyan Mantra ll

PadmaaSeenam ShyamVarnam Sahastrasheersham Shubhangam
Sahastraaksham Sarvaroopam Manahsaamarthyadaayakam
Paaptaapharam Shaantam Abhaymudradhaarinam
Bhaktapriyam Saumyaroopam Aniruddham Namaamyaham

| Shloki |

Hari came in earthly form as Aniruddha
Har the core stepped into maya, as Aniruddha
The virtuous are rid of fear and misery
Shree Aniruddha has come, sing the glory
Sing the glory, proclaim it (2)

Offer in love, in worship from the heart
Immerse the self forever, give in to Him
May the mind sing His praises and dissolve
Sin and suffering burn with ease
The ease of fire (2) Sin and suffering burn with ease.

Of all its seeds of evil the mind is cleansed
Seeds of virtue bloom in terrain pure
As the sound Aniruddha rises, resonates from within
Life is then the root, the fruit of joy

Eternal joy (2)
Life is then the fruit of eternal joy.

Hordes of demons dance wild in the world
Their virtuous masks hide evil heads
I offer my love, At Your Feet
I know, You alone wipe out the vile
The vile in the world (2)
You alone wipe out the vile.

You never forsake, it is Your grace
Despite our infinite sin, You hold no fury
At your Lotus feet, bow all that be
A glance at You, Aniruddha and our eyes
They are fulfilled (2)
In gratitude they are fulfilled.

| Aniruddha Mahima |

The buddhi firm in Aniruddha

Whence, misery & stress Never!
His mere darshan rids forever
All cares and intense ill-fate

He pervades all, He is infinite
Whether we be in a crowd
Or in solitude be it
He knows the essence, the core of all

A single glance, just the one
In a moment it strikes sin
Lifts a life that is fallen
Burning down heaps of wrongdoing.

No word He needs pronounce
Nor needs HE a touch to bless
Alone His flowing stream of grace
Suffices, lends purpose to life.

For upliftment of the human birth
He has come down to the earth
Complete & perfect in attribute & form
For bhakta's He is support & love.

Having journeyed through 84 lakh species
Only then the human birth comes.
But the birth a fulfilled life becomes
At Aniruddha's Feet alone, be known.

Led by dharma, with love at heart
The worldly life gratified and content
Immersed in the Name yet aware & alert
So He says always. Do it.

An ocean of joy immense He is
Love and grace boundless He is
Cares and protects always He does
Infinite compassion always He gives.

Not a trace of virtue from the past
Yet at HIS Feet who offers himself
Chants Aniruddha, Aniruddha every moment
Will find the way, the path will open up.

Neither faith nor bhakti in the heart
Ignorance weighs heavy on the chest
Such a one too looks at His Feet, by chance
Him too in stormy seas HE protects

Toil, strive and satisfied, sweat
The name of Hariguru be always on the lips
This alone is the one rule He says
Loud and clear, He speaks in earnest.

Each of us seeks the strength of mind
We try in vain, no avail, futile
But bear in mind, the eternal guide
The cure, the key is Aniruddha's Word.

You and I firm together
Nothing can stand in the way ever
This He pledges open and forthright
Aniruddha, the ultimate Ruler.

All strength roots in the mind, its source
But the strength of mind? Do we ever attain?
Remember always HIS pledge of Honour
It's Aniruddha alone who grants it.

Follow His Word, make seva an offering
Glories of His name be the one longing
This is the only means gratifying
Of osterity simple and sweet.

May faith be pure & from the heart
And the mind too be totally cleansed
May all seva be in bhakti blessed
Fulfill so the life in this world.

Neither the need to forsake the wife
Nor the home nor family life
Yet attain the highest goal in life
O man, merely chant His name

The right, the wrong I know not
Nor understand what I gained and lost
All I know - I hold firm Your Feet
Take care, protect me O please.

The heavy knowledge of scriptures I fear
Laurels and honour are not dear
Ten faculties and the mind, my prayer
At Your Feet I offer all.

All, each in my interest apt
You will, yes! You will surely grant
For certain, yes I do know that
So O Raghav! Assured I rest

O dear God, O Sadgururaya
O Pure One, who showers joy
O Sagun Brahma, O bhakta's friend
Protect me O BAPU, Protect me please!

| Kalehneevarak Shri. Aniruddha Kavach |

Shree Ganeshaaye Namah |
Aum Asya Kleshnivaaraka - Shree Aniruddha - Stotra - Mantrasya Pradyumna Rishih |
Shree Gaayatri Anushtubh Chhandah |
Shreepoornaavtaar Shree Krishna - Chatushtya - Devtaa |
Aum Hari Aum |
Aum Namo Namah.
|| Atha Dhyaanam ||

Krishna-Neelam Mahaabaahum Snigdha-Chakshum-Chandrananam |
Vishaalpeenvaksham Cha Sakalkleshnivaarakam ||
Vaamhasten Varadam Dakshinen Digdarshakam |
Vaampaaden Achalam Dakshinen Gatikaarakam ||
Nityaanandam Narasinham Dyanbhaktopadeshkam |
Muktipradam Sarvaroopam Bhuktipradam Sarvakaamadam ||
Suraadhyaksham Karunaraspooritaangam |
Jayantam Nayantam Namah Pundarikaaksham ||
Na Archanam Na Mantram, Na Jaanaami Stutihi |
Na Dhyaanam Na Daanam, Nacha Jaanaami Bhaktihi ||
Na Jaane Yogah, Nach Jaane Japah Tapah |
Param Jaane Aniruddha Tav Anusaranam Kleshharanam ||
Deho May Aniruddhah Paatu |
Manarakshak Poornapurushaha |
Buddhim Paatu Gopaalakaha |
Bhaktim Neel-Medhaavbhaasaha |

Purushaarthhey Shreeyaashlishtaha |
Aarogyam Uchitaachaarsukhadaha |
Vinaa Yasya Dhyaanam Na Dharmam Na Artham |
Vinaa Yasya Dyaanam Na Kaamam Na Moksham |
Vinaa Yasya Naam Na Jayam Na Vijayam |
Vinaa Yasya Smaranam Na Bhuktihi na Muktihi |
Sharanyam Sharanyam Shree Aniruddham |
Sharanyam Sharanyam Mam Ishtadevam |
Aum Namo Bhagwatey Vaasudevaaya
Shree Krishnaaya Shankh Chakra Gadaa Padma Dharaaya Swaahaa |
Aum Namo Bhagwatey Sankarshnaaya
Shree Sheshaaya Sarvamangalaaya Swaahaa |
Aum Namo Bhagwatey Pradyumnaaya Shree Kaamdevaaya
Buddhi-Rakshakaaya Swaahaa |
Aum Namo Bhagwatey Aniruddhaaya
Shree-Purushottamaaya Manah-Siddhaaya Kleshnivaarakaaya Swaahaa |
Aum Mahamatsyaaya Namah |
Aum Harikoormaaya Namah |
Aum Aadivaraahaaya Namah |
Aum Narasinhaaya Namah |
Aum Batuvaamanaaya Namah |
Aum Bhruguraaj - Parashuraamaaya Namah |
Aum Raamaaya Raamabhadraaya Raamchandraaya Namah |
Aum Krishnaaya Vaasudevaaya Anuriddhaaya Namah |
Aum Buddhaaya Paandurangaaya Hrishikeshaaya Namah |
Aum Shree Aniruddhaaya Poornapurushaaya Namo Namah |
|| Hari Aum ||

ll Sadguru Tarak Mantra ll (5 Times)

ll Aum Manah SaamarthyaDaata Shree Aniruddhaaya Namah ll

| Shri. Aniruddha Gurukshetram Mantra | (5 times)

| Aum Shreedattagurave Namah |

| Shreegurukshetram - Beej Mantra |

Aum Aym Hrim Klim Chamundaaye Vichchey - Sarvabaadhaprashamanam - Shreegurukshetram
Aum Aym Hrim Klim Chamundaaye Vichchey - Sarvapaapprashamanam - Shreegurukshetram
Aum Aym Hrim Klim Chamundaaye Vichchey - Sarvakopprashamanam - Shreegurukshetram
Aum Aym Hrim Klim Chamundaaye Vichchey - Trivikramnilayam - Shreegurukshetram
Aum Aym Hrim Klim Chamundaaye Vichchey - Sarvasamartham Sarvaarthsamartham - Shreegurukshetram

| Shreegurukshetra - Ankur Mantra |

Aum Ramatma - Shree Dattatryaaye Namah
Aum Rampraan - Shree Hanumantaaye Namah
Aum Ramvardaayini - Shree Mahishaasurmardinyaye Namah
Aum Ramnaamtanu - Shree Aniruddhaaye Namah

| Shreegurukshetra - Unmeelan Mantra |


Aum Maanavjeevaatma - Uddhaarak - Shree Ramchandraaye Namah
Aum Maanavpraanrakshaka - Shree Hanumantaaye Namah
Aum Maanav-Vardaayini - Shree Aalhyadinyaye Namah
Aum Maanav Manah Saamarthya Daata - Shree Aniruddhaaye Namah

| Vijay Mantra |

Raamo Raajmani Sadaa Vijayatay Raamam Ramesham Bhajay
Raamen Abhihataa Nisha-Charchamoo Raamaaye Tasmtaye Namah.
Raamaanaasti Parayanam Partaram Raamasya Daasos-Myaham
Raamay Chittalayah Sadaa Bhavatu May Bho Raam Maamuddhar
Raam Raameti Raameti Ramey Raamey Manorame
Sahastranaam Tattulyam Raamnaam Varaanane

| Shri. Aniruddha Arti |

Aarti Aniruddhaa, Prabhu Poornabrahma Shuddhaa |
Prabhu Poornabrahma Shuddhaa |
Krupakataaksha Sukhkar, Krupakataaksha Sukhkar
Hey Poornanadaa | Aum Jaya Jaya Aniruddhaa || Dhr ||

Agyaan Ka Naash Karke Prakataatey Ho Gyaan
Prabhu Prakataatey Ho Gyaan |
Paapshuddhi Ka Maarg Dikhakar, Paapshuddhi Ka Maarg Dikhakar
Naash Karte Ho Bhog | Aum Jaya Jaya Aniruddhaa || 1 ||

Bhaktiras Ke Udgaataa Tum Prakat Huay Ho Ram |
Prabhu Prakat Huay Ho Ram |
Sad-Dharma Ke Baan Se Tere, Sad-Dharma Ke Baan Se Tere
Nasht Huaa Kalikaal | Aum Jaya Jaya Aniruddhaa || 2 ||

Swayam-Prakaashi Swayam-Tej Tum Ghananeel Krishna |
Prabhu Ghananeel Krishna |
Asankhya Kreeda Leelaaon Se, Asankhya Kreeda Leelaaon Se
Poorna Huay Satkaam | Aum Jaya Jaya Aniruddhaa || 3 ||

Apaar Shakti Poorna Purush Tum Detey Ho Purushaartha |
Prabhu Detey Ho Purushaartha |
Bhaav Samarpit Kar Charanon Mein, Bhaav Samarpit Kar Charanon Mein
Ho Gaya Main Tera | Aum Jaya Jaya Aniruddhaa || 4 ||


Bapu's 13-point programme

A unique '13-point programme' was announced by Bapu on October 3, 2002.
Its aim-to achieve 'Samartha Bharat', a strong and self-sufficient India.

1. Charkha: Yarn spun by devotees is made into cloth and distributed to needy people.
2. Gograss Yojana: Grass grown by devotees in fertile areas, is supplied to draught areas, as fodder for cattle
3. Raddi Yojana: Paper bags are made from old news papers, to avoid the usage of non-biodegradable plastic.
4. Old is Gold Yojana: Old articles like - books,utensils, clothing,toys etc, are donated to needy people.
5. Warmth of Love Yojana: Tattered clothes are used to make quilts for the poor.
6. Vidya Prakash Yojana: Candles and matchboxes are donated to students who do not have electric lamps.
7. Cleanliness Yojana: Cleaning up of public schools, hospitals and places of worship.
8. Ahilya Sangh Yojana: Will work towards the empowerment of women.
9. New Universal Dharmagrantha: To free society of unnecessary ritual and blind faith.
10. Information Bank: Every Thursday, before his discourse, Bapu will impart his scientific knowledge.
11. Bhartiya Bhasha Sangram: The devotees have to learn a language other than their mother tongues.
12. Study of the five Continents: Progress and politics of the five continents.
13. Disaster Management Volunteers: Training the volunteers to tackle natural and man-made disasters.

Aniruddha's Ramrajya

Sadguru Shri. Aniruddha Bapu reveals in the Shreemadpurushartha Grantharaaj,as under-
'My dear friends - I, Aniruddha, your Friend, your Mate, have just the one mission in life,to get the entire universe to fulfill this purushartha of maryada, to teach and establish this purushartha - that is My Aim.

And without the fulfilment and the establishment of the purushartha of maryada, the Ramrajya, the reign of Shreeram, the reign of the maryadapurushottam (the ideal, the only complete and perfect being who was the epitome of maryada) can never be ushered in.'
Principles of Maryada purusharth, Truth, Love and Joy that stem from purity .

Bapu's Address

4th Floor, PLOT NO. 551, TPS-III,
MUMBAI- 400 052.


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