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Sadguru Amma was born on 27th September in, in the year 1953, in a small village, Parayakadavu, in Kerala, Southern India.

Her father earned money by selling fish. Amma had a divine glowing smile on Her face, hence she was named as 'Sudhamani' (Sudha=Ambrosial, Mani=Jewel). Since her childhood.

She was unique, as She could walk and talk at the age of six months. By the age of three She started singing. As She was five years, She composed mealodious hymns of Her beloved God, Krishna.

Sudhamani spent the years of her childhood inspiritual practices was always found absorbed in deep meditation. Another quality found in Sudhamani from her tender age was her compassion towards the human beings.

She later said, " An unbroken stream of Love flows from me towards all beings in the cosmos. That is my inborn nature." Everyone was happy and delighted because of her presence.

All the time She was doing meditations, singing, and ecstatic dancing, so at the tender age of five Sudhamani was subjected to severe scoldings.

When Sudhamani was nine, Her mother was ill and She had to leave school and look after Her entire familyof seven brothers and sisters and cows, including their feeding, clothing etc.

She gathered the grass by roaming in the village and asked for vegetable peels and leftover rice for the cowsShe fulfilled her duties like the family servant and worked hard from morning till midnight.

During the course of her routine life, She saw how some people were starving, while others had ample of things. She also observed that several people were sick and suffering from different illness and coul not afford medicines.

She further noticed that many of the elder members in the family were neglected and treated badly by their own people. All these things touched her very deep and She started to think the cause of sufferings and why do people suffer !

She was so much deep in thinking all these that she wanted to help and relieve all those needy and suffering people and it was then that Amma's mission began.

She used to share Her food with the starvers and would bathe and clothe the poor elders, who had no one to look after them.She also distributed the family's food and belongings to the poor, for which she was punished.

In the night, She spent hours meditating and praying to Lord Krishna. Whole day She carried Krishna's photo with Her and constantly uttered His names.

Even though She was sent to the relatives to work for long hours, She was continuously singing and chanting Krishna's name and imagined that all the work she did was dedicated to him.

As she coocked the food she imagined that Krishna would appear as a guest. In this way She enjoyed performing the household duties by chanting Krishna's name.

She believes in selfless service, treting others as the extensions of one's ownself. Amma calls this as "Vishwa Matrutvam" - universal motherhood.

Amma believes that giving is the essence. When the homeless come crying for shelter and Amma gives them a house, we call her a 'Humanitarian.'When the sad comes crying for emotional shelter and she gives them love, we call her a 'Mother.'

When those thirsty for spiritual knowledge come earnestly seeking and she gives them wisdom, we call her a 'Guru.' Amma never had a guru nor studied the Vedas, yet she speaks on the lines expressed within the scriptures.

She has a divine knowledge,which is ever established in the Ultimate Reality. Amma's ordinary childhood home has become the spiritual home to thousands.

It is an ashram where aspirants from around the world reside in order to learn Amma's wisdom and realise the Truth that is their real nature.

The seeker is instructed as per his level, from the child to the Monk. "Amma" as she is known all over the world today, has inspired and started innumerable humanitarian services.

She has earned international recognition for her outstanding contributions to the world community. She is recognized as an extraordinary spiritual leader by the United Nations and by the people all over the world.

Though Amma makes no claims herself, those who watch her closely notice that she is the greatest example of her teaching. Her disciples and believers imbibe her teachings by just watching her.

For the past 35 years Amma has dedicated her life to the uplifting of suffering humanity through the simplest of gestures - an embrace.

In this intimate manner Amma had blessed and consoled more than 25 million people throughout the world. Amma receives every person by embracing lovingly.Every person who greets Amma, gets relief from all his worries and tensions.


The Life of Satguru Amma

1- Amma's Love

Amma feels the whole world as the extension of her own self. She is ever ready to forego her own body's needs to bring a smile on someone's face by wiping their tears and listening to their sorrows.

Amma talks to everyone in a friendly,sweet manner, laughs and jokes with people, shares in their success and failure, which has made her popular throughout the world. Giving darshan in this manner is verily.

2- Amma's nature

Amma has been doing so since she was just 17 years old, and she has been known to sit embracing people continuously for as long as 22 hours.

Amma is able to make such a personal sacrifice because, in her arms people feel secured, comfortablea and beloved,due to which they get the strength to live and this, Amma feels, is infinitely more important than her physical needs.

One may be young or old, sick or healthy, rich or poor,thiest or athiest, Amma treats everyone as same and gives everyone the same unconditional love. Amma turns no one away.

3- Amma's Desire

"Everyone in the world should be able to sleep without any fear, at least for one night. Everyone should be able to eat to his fill, at least for one day.

There should be at least one day when hospitals see no one admitted due to violence.By doing selfless service for at least one day, everyone should help the poor and needy. It is Amma's prayer that at least this small dream be realised."

4- Amma's Dream

A vision of a world in which women and men progress together, a world in which all men respect the fact that, like the two wings of a bird, women and men are of equal value.

5- Amma's Thought

It is better to get worn out than to get rust away.


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