Narayan Nagbali

Narayan , Nag bali is performed for two reasons- to get rid of ancestral curse (Pitru dosh)and secondly,to get released from the sin commited by killing a snake, specially a Cobra,which is worshipped by Hindus mainly in India.

This ancient tradition is mentioned in Skandh Puran and Padma Puran.Narayan Nag Bali is also performed to get rid of problems like-failures in all jobs,financial loss,Bhoot Pishach Badha,family health problems, educational hurdles, matrimonial problems,accidents,various curses and various other problems.

Performing of the ritual,subsides all the negative effects and smoothens the flow of life stream.These rituals are performed with a desire of fulfillment of certain wishes. Hence they are known as Kamya.

To get rid of the snake's curse-Naag Bali

When a member of the family kills a cobra,the full family race gets a curse,which gives severe problems in life. Also,any person with a big wealth and no successor passes away,his attachment to his wealth makes his soul restless and in the form of a snakes he remains with the wealth to safeguard it and does not allow anyone to grab it.

To get rid of the ancestral curse-Narayan Bali

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Narayan Bali(Pitru dosh) ritual is done to fulfill the unsatisfied desires of the ancestors souls which are attached to our world due to strong desires,suppressed within the soul even after the death. The soul trying to get rid of the problems,directly or indirectly trouble the family members.Hence we have to perform this ritual to give peace to the soul.

This consists of the same rituals as in the Hindu funeral. An artificial body,made of wheat flour is made.Then the mantras and rituals are performed to invoke the soul whose desires are attached.The ritual makes the soul to possess the body and the funeral frees the soul to the other world.


Narayan Nag Bali rituals should not be performed on Dhanishta Panchak(The beginning of Dhanishta Nakshtra to Revati's end this four and a half Nakshtras ie constellation) and Tripad Nakshatra(Krutika, Punarwasu, Uttaraphalguni,Vishakha,Uttarshadha these Nakshtra's ).

It is a three day programme on a particular day and time (muhurts mentioned in the table below).Before the commencement of " Vidhi',one must get in "Tirtharaj Kushawarta". If the father is not living then all hairs of head must be trimmed and mouth to be washed 12 times with the water of " Tirtharaj Kushawarta".

To get the body cleaned from in & outside " Deha-Shuddhi is to be performed. for this process ash,feces of cow,earth soil is used.Then new cloths are worn and blessings from the elders, relatives and "Guruji" are seeked.Later, the Kalash Sthapana is done and the Panchadevta-Brahma,Vishnu,Rudra and Yam(the God of death) are to be worshipped.

The vidhi is then started by doing "Netra- Aachamari" and the holy ring,called "Pavitra" is to be worn and to get the body cleaned from inside by a vidhi called "Rudra-Sharaddha.Guruji speaks Sanskrit holy words in this vidhi, meaning of these Sanskrit words is as below.

Prayers are chanted for getting rid of any curse given by anyone in earlier births,who might have been got cheated or deprived in some way or other,by the ancestors.Also,it is prayed for the peace of the souls of the late forefathers.

The prayers chanted by the Priest mean as follows,

"If in the present or past life I or any of our family members, hascheated and grabbed anyone's wealth,and if that person or any one from his family has become a restless soul which is giving us truble, then O lord, please offer that soul "Moksha", "Sadgati"(salvation).

Similarly, if someone from my family has suffered an unnatural death then also offer him "Moksha". Later,the statues of the lord Brahma,Vishnu,Mahesh,Rudra and Yama are installed on five different kalash(copper pots),while chanting the mantras.16 round balls of rice flour called "Pind" are presented to Agni,called as "Hoam".Then " Vishnu-Shraddha and pind-dan is done.

Five 'Pindas' are to be given to each God. Later,a heap of rice is kept on round leaves a flame of cotton is lit,which is called as "Bali-dan".This Balidan is performed in view to get 'Sadgati'(Moksha).

This 'Bali' is then placed near the Dharmashala,on a platform,,so that a crow touches it and it is assumed that the soul is satisfied.If the crow does not touch the bali then pray to Lord Trimbakeshwar by going around the temple as Pradakshina and the crow will touch it.After this,the process of Bali-Daan is complete.

Later, "Parnashar" is performed by making a body of human being with coconut and wheat flour. It is believed that the soul under consideration is present in this statue. The statue is named a Narayana and the last rites of this statue are performed just like the human hindu funeral rites. After all the rites and rituals are completed,the soul is released fromall the attachments and gets it's way to Moksha.Thus the people affected by the soul are relieved.