27 Nakshatras, Constellation

Nakshatra (Constellation), is one of the 27 divisions of the sky, identified by the prominent star(s) in them,The following are the 27 Nakshatras with their information.

1 * Ashwini

Deity :Health
Ashwini is the first nakshatra of the zodiac having a spread from 0degree-0'-0" to 13degree-20' Ashwini is governed by the Ashwins, the twin horsemen. Characteristics-love animals and travelling.Loyal, trustworthy and reliable having a magnetic personality.The Sun is Exalted here and the horse is the preferred transport of the Sun God. Sun's exaltation in Ashwini is a reminder to the soul of their eternal connection. Attract people and are proud,self-sufficient and well organised.Helpful and guide others.Amazing grasping power is speciality.Persevearance is lacking in some cases.Fast in expediting the jobs.Have a great strength, energy and stamina.Rigid nature which may disturb family life. Inclination for architecture, interior designing,riding and sports.Accidents are common to people born under this nakshatra. Ailments like-muscular injuries and accidents.

2 * Bharani

Meaning:The Bearering Star

This is the second nakshatra of the zodiac, ranging from 13degree-20' to 26degree-40'. The planet of art and beauty, the Venus, rules this nakshatra.The energy of Bharani is called krura,means cruel. This star is under the lordship of Venus and is within the sign of Aries, ruled by Mars. Bharani represents the character of Agni Rasi Tamo Guna. Characteristics-childhish,blessed with long life,average physique with good dental line,creative in visual arts,photography, intelligent,witty,quite flexible,spontaneous and optimistic.Very courageous and never surrender.May arise problems in romance and misunderstanding with your partner. Inclination for-Military,Chemical industry,agriculture. Ailments like-Fattyness and skin diseases.

3 * Kritika

Meaning:The Cutter

This is the third nakshatra of the zodiac, spanning 26degree-40' in Mesha to 10degree-00' in Vrishabha. Kritikka is considered the nakshatra where power is born. This is the birth star of Chandra. The passivity of this nakshatra represents their ability to nurture power. Mythology describes Krittika as the foster mother of Kartik devata who is beautiful in appearance. Characteristics-magnetic personality,very popular, powerful built,hearty and vigorous.Determined and resolute, ability to cut through to the heart of the matter and tackle problems head on.Good leadership qualities and dangerous if provoked. Inclination for- Engineering, law, Military, medicine, business, interior decoration etc. Ailments like- normal illness of cough and cold.

4 * Rohini

Meaning:The Red One

This is the fourth nakshatra of the zodiac, ruled by the planet Moon. It spreads from 10degree-0' in Vrishabha to 23degree-20' in Vrishabha.The word is derived from "Rohan" which means 'to bring into existence'. The other name of Rohini is Suravi - the celestial cow.Rohini' is the wife of Chandra who is said to have been fond of fine dress, cosmetics and decor and was the most beloved of Chandra or Moon. Characteristics-soft spoken,good adviser,popular,delicate features and a gentle nature.Witty,admirer of honesty and loyalty.Confidence winner.Family problems due to misunderstandings. Inclination for- Finance,trading,civil engineering and construction, architecture etc. You are also inclined towards intellectual activities and will continue to seek knowledge through out your life. Ailments like-stress and nervous breakdown.

5 * Mrigashirsa

Meaning:Head of a dear

This is the fifth nakshatra of the zodiac, spanning from 23degree-20' in Vrishabha to 6degree-40' in Mithuna.The word 'Mriga' means forests,a search,to wander in forests and a hunter and preceptor.Mrigashirsha is partly in Vrishabha and partly in Mithuna. Characteristics-Creative in fine arts,hobby of singing,very youthful,humourous,energetic, intelligent,very popular.You have a sharpintellect.Striking personality.Good in debate and oration.Very romantic. Impulsive and over confidence may lead to setbacks. Inclination for-Advertising, Communication, Sports, Environment campaigns. Ailments like-cough,cold, minor illnesses and body injuries.

6 * Ardra

Meaning: Moist or Perspiring

This is the sixth nakshatra of the zodiac, having a spread from 6degree-40' to 20degree-00' in Mithuna or Gemini and is ruled by the node Rahu.Ardra is ruled by Rudra, the fierce form of Lord Shiva who represents thunder. Ardra means wet or surcharged with water, that is fat.When the Sun enters Ardra the earth is said to be starting its menstrual course that is "Ambobachi". Characteristics-healthy, vigorous,hands ome,helpful,quite intelligent, insensitive,impetuous,stubborn and not easily persuaded.Always domination will cause pain to your loved ones. Inclination for- Law enforcement, fire fighting, etc. Ailments like- Heart trouble, paralysis, and stress related ailments.

7 * Purnavasu

Meaning:Good Again

This is the seventh nakshatra of the zodiac, spanning from 20degree-00' in Mithun (Taurus) to 3degree-20' in Karaka(Cancer).The word Punarvasu is derived from Puna+Vasu, which means return, renewal, restoration or repetition. Punarvasu Nakshatra brings about the return of energy and vitality. Characteristics-very honest,straight forward,bright,energetic,enthusiastic and charming.Attraction for religeous activities and development.Helpful nature.Happy married life and a good family person. Inclination for-religious or spiritual career,acting and journalism. Health care is necessary otherwise there are chances of Ailments like-tuberculosis, pneumonia etc.
8 * Pushya


This is the eighth nakshatra in the zodiac, spanning from 3degree-20' to 16degree-40' in Karaka.The word etymologically means "to nourish" and that again means to preserve, to protect, replenish, multiply and strengthen.Pushya Nakshatra increases our good karma and good efforts. The value of this Nakshatra for religious and spiritual practices is emphasized. Characteristics-Humourous,social,Soft spoken,spiritual,intelligent,self-sufficient,helping nature,straightforward. Inclination for-Medical profession,Social work, physiotherapy. Ailments like-skin diseases,gall stones, gastric problems, ulcers etc.

9 * Ashlesha

Meaning:The entwiner

Aslesha is ruled by the serpent God. This is the ninth nakshatra of the zodiac, spanning from 16degree-40' to 30degree-00' in Karaka house. It is the birth star of Ketu.The force of Aslesha can be understood by its name Naga. Aslesha Nakshatra can be helpful if we have enemies but it can serve to give a person an inimical temperament as well. It all depends upon how the energy of this Nakshatra is used. Characteristics-resourceful,clever,flexible,the capability to transform,diverse interests and need constant stimulation.Many changes in the career.Excellent communication skills and good oratorsVery secretive by nature, unduly suspicious of people's motives.Your family life will be harmonious and you will make your partner the focal point of your life. Inclination for- politics, acting, writing or journalism. Ailments like- joint pains, bodily discomforts, and nervous disorders.

10 * Megha

Meaning:The Mighty One
Deity: Pitris

This is 10th nakshatra of the zodiac, ruled by the node Ketu and spanning from 00degree-00' to 13degree-20' in the sign Leo, ruled by Sun.Magha is ruled by the Ancestors. Magha is derived from Maghaban. Magha is the causes of brightness and light. Characteristics-top ranked,balanced,good decision maker ,organiser, mind,optimisti,commanding personality,very knowledgeable,strong leadership skills,tendency to be arrogant.Marital status is good but understanding with spouse is needed. Inclination for- trading,public or private sector jobs. Ailments like- uterine problems,asthma,cancer.

11 * Purva Phalguni

Meaning:The Fig Tree

This is the 11th nakshatra of the zodiac, ruled by the planet of arts and beauty,Venus. It is also called the Bhagadaivat Star. It is the symbol of the call for creation, it announces creation and development. Porvaphalguni brings about union and procreation on all levels.Poorvaphalguni is the symbol of good fortune and luck. It is the birth star of Vrahaspati. Characteristics-attractive and crowd puller,honest,non-corrupt,determined and ambitious.Soft hearted and nervous minded.Utmost care is necessary before starting a new venture.Good marital status. Inclination for- Legal practie and counselling. Ailments like-asthma, dental and abdomen problems.

12 * Uttara Phalguni

Meaning:The latter red one

This is the twelfth nakshatra of the zodiac ruled by Sun. This nakshatra spans from 26degree-40' in Leo to 10degree-00' in Kanya. Uttaraphalguni in the Vedic order is ruled by Bhaga, the God of happiness. The lords are Ravi and Budha, symbol is a bed. Uttaraphalguni indicates both the need for union and for organizing the resources gained through it. Characteristics-calm, composed,charming,flexible,morally strong,cheerful and confident.Arrogant,short tempered and too focussed.Marital life is pleasant and contented. Inclination for- construction industry, hospitality industry, event planning, publicity management etc. Ailments like- dental problems, gastric problems and restlessness.

13 * Hasta


This is the 13th nakshatra of the zodiac, ruled by Moon. Hasta spans from 10degree-0' to 23degree-20' in Kanya.The symbol is a closed hand or fist. Characteristics-Striking personality,well-organised,well- built,helpful nature,creative,popular,emotional,hard working and determined.Successful in creative jobs.Liking for travelling.Marital status is good. Ailments like asthama,cough and cold,blood pressure etc.may occur. Inclination for-Handmade industry,creative arts etc.

14 * Chitra

Deity: Twashtar

This is the 14th nakshatra of the zodiac, ruled by the fiery planet Mars. It spans from 26degree-40' in Kanya to 6degree -40' in Tula.The symbol is the gem on the serpent's crest .It is anthropomorphically the forehead of Kalapurush. Chitra is ruled by Twashtar, the Cosmic craftsman.This is the "star of opportunity". Chitra reflects the world of maya and delusions, which they are to over come. In ancient time the star was known as the 'Star of Prosperity'. Chitra allows us to gain the fruit of our good karma that comes through righteousness. It has a highly spiritual energy and effect. Characteristics-very knowledgeable,sophisticated,distinguishing,well groomed,bold,intuitive,ambitious and popular,lover of beutiful things,concerned with political and social issues.Problems marital ,which need to be tackled tactfully. Inclination for- Research, coaching,the visual arts, designing, decorating etc. Ailments like- kidney and bladder problems,brain disorders,psychological problems etc.

15 * Swati

Meaning:Wheat sprout
Deity:God of Wind

This is the fifteenth nakshatra of the zodiac, having all its four quarters in Tula, spanning from 6degree-40' to 20degree-00'. This Nakshatra is concerned with air, wind, breeze or knowledge of Akaash since Akaash is the abode of air. Swati Nakshatra can be destructive unless we learn how to use it to remove negativity. Characteristics-Very social,broad minded, intelligent,calm,determined,ambitious and helpful nature.Strong sense of justice and harmony. Attraction for religious or social and political work.Too much social work may create differances in family. Inclination for-medical jobs, chemicals, metal industry and travel industry. Ailments like cardiac problems,joints pain,abdominal problems etc. are expected.

16 * Vishakha

Meaning:Forked Branch
Deity:Indra and Agni

This is the 16th nakshatra of the zodiac, spanning from 20degree-00' in Tula to 3degree-20' in Vrishchika. Another name of this star is Radha, a compliment to Anuradha, the birth star of the Sun. Vishakha represents the powers of heat and lightning in the atmosphere.This is the "Star of Purpose". It has the Symbol of a leaf-decked triumphal gate. Vishakha does not give immediate results but perhaps greater long term gains. Indra and Agni here are related to agriculture showing the ripening effect of heat, rain and seasonal changes Characteristics-charming personality,witty,popular, in the opposite sex members,genius, need constant mental stimulation,excellent communicator,crowd-puller,strong senser of justice and harmony. Inclination for- Journalism, sales and marketing, writing. Those born under this nakshatra are likely to have a very happy marital life and will make good marriage partners. Ailments like-kidney and bladder problems, hormone deficiencies,paralysis, etc.

17 * Anuradha


This is the 17th nakshatra of the zodiac, spanning from 3degree-20' to 16degree-40' in the sign of Vrishchika. Anuradha Nakshatra gives balance in relationship, both honoring others and seeking ourselves to be honorable. Characteristics-Nice personality,jovial,social,high spirit,humourous,fun loving and beloved.Creative,Strong, determined and very ambitious. Characteristics-Sales and marketing, Astrology, Spiritual guidance and counselling, Business etc. Satisfactory married life but with an understanding with thw spouse. Ailments like-dental problems,asthma, breathing trouble, cough and cold.

18 * Jyeshtha


This is the 18th nakshatra of the zodiac,spanning form 16degree-20' to 30degree-00' in the sign of Vrishchika. Jyeshtha means the eldest one, the senior most, the chief one, more excellent than, preferred one or someone or something supreme glorious. Characteristics-Skillful,full of vitality and energy,loving and generous,family person,successful early in life,good nature and crowd puller.Married life is happy and you will have very supportive spouses. Inclination for-interior designing,Engineering, Metallurgy, Chemical engineering, Architecture, construction etc. Ailments like-uterus problems,cough and cold,joints pains, sleeplessness etc.

19 * Moola

Meaning:The Root

This is the 19th nakshatra of the zodiac, spanning from 00degree-00' to 13degree-20' in the sign of Dhanus.Moola is ruled by Nirriti, the Goddess of destruction.The Meaning of the word, Moola means the root.The Symbol is a bunch of roots tied together. Moola signifies roots, that is to say, everything of basic nature, its motion is finite and limited. Moola connotes the ideas of foundation, commencement, from the very bottom, the chief or principal city or the capital.Moola does not indicate fortune or luck. Characteristics-charming personality,flexible,liberal, stubborn,determined,very ambitiousvery competitive and goal oriented.Crowd puller.Married life is satisfactory Inclination for- sailing ,politics, sales and marketing, finance, stock market, business, engineering etc. Ailments like-Rheumatism, hip and backaches,joint pains etc.

20 * Purva Ashada

Meaning:The Former Unsubdued

This 20th nakshatra spans from 13degree-20' to 26degree-40' in the sign Dhanus, the sign ruled by the lord of wisdom. It has the symbol of hand fan. People born in Poorvashadha are intelligent and convincing. Poorvashadha is ruled by the Waters. Poorvashadha provides us additional energy for our efforts. It is also known as the "Invincible Star".This nakshatra is associated with declarations of war. Characteristics-very generous,kind hearted,Charming,gentle nature and crowd puller.Hard worker with managing abilities,less ambitious.Married life, satisfactory. Inclination for-Financial planning, social work,political jobs etc. Ailments like- uterus problems,T.B.muscular problems etc.

21 * Uttara Ashada

Meaning:The Latter Unsubdued

This 21st nakshatra spans from 26degree-40' in Dhanus to 10degree-00' in Makara. It is also known as the "Universal Star".Uttarashadha is introspective and penetrative and is concerned with intensiveness, the results of the latter being more permanent than the former. Uttaraashadha is the second part of the Nakshatra Sagittarius. Characteristics-highly educated,liberal and helpful.Very helpful and popular among friends.lucky in love and happy married life. Inclination for-Banking,Research,Teaching, Counselling, Intellectual activities,publishing etc. Ailments like- eye,stomach and abdominal problems.

22 * Shravana

Meaning:Hearing sense
Deity:The Maintainer

This 22nd Constellation spans from 10degree-00' to 23degree-20' in Makara, owned by the planet Saturn. Shravana usually means "hearing". The symbol of Shravana is three foot-prints. It is the birth star of Saraswati.Shravana is ruled by Vishnu, the pervador.This is the star of listening, also called the "Star of Learning". The mercurial planet Moon owns this nakshatra. Characteristics-financially successful,satisfied,kind-hearted,considerate,neat and well organised. Skillfull in leadership,good in business.Chances of bankruptsy if not taken care in financial affairs. Inclination for-management related jobs,charitable and social institutions,technical jobs etc.Marital status will be extremely successful. Ailments like-T.B,Rheumatism and skin diseases.

23 * Dhanishtha


This 23rd nakshatra spans from 23degree-20' in Makar to 6degree-40' in Kumbha.Dhanishta is ruled by the Vasus,the Gods of abundance. It is known as the"Star of Symphony". This nakshatra is owned by the fiery planet Mars. The symbol is a drum and tabla. Dhanishtha has two Meanings in it - one is Dhana (riches) and the other is Dhvani (sound). Dhanishta builds upon the connections of Shravana and makes them more practical. Characteristics-highly intelligent, knowledgeable,skillful,passionate,good debater,skilled in business, music and dance.Marital life will be happy and satisfactory. Inclination for- computer industry,art-restoration, museology etc. Ailments like-uterus problems,anaemia, cough and cold etc.

24 * Satabisha

Meaning::100 Physicians

The entire span of this 24th nakshatra falls in the sign Kumbha, from 6degree-40' to 20degree-00'. Satabhisha is ruled by the God of the cosmic waters. it is aslo known as the "Veiling Star". This nakshatra is about healing the human condition spiritually and physically. Satabhisha is the nakshatra owned by the node Rahu. This nakshatra is the large group of faint stars in the Water Bearer(Aquarius). Characteristics-need constant mental stimulation,controller of emotions,changeable and dangerous if provoked. Inclination for- Engineering, Mathematics, Accounts, Scientific research etc. Ailments like-dental problemsurological poblems, diabetes, breathing trouble, cough and cold, pneumonia etc.

25 * Purva Bhadrapada

Meaning: Former Beautiful Foot
Deity:Aja Ekapad

This 25 th Nakshatra of zodiac,spans from 20degree-0' in Kumbha to 3degree-20' in Meena.Poorvabhadrapada is ruled by Aja Ekapad, the one-footed serpent. The symbol is a double-faced man.Poorvabhadrapada raises up our spiritual aspiration in life and takes us out of the domain of selfish behavior. Characteristics-gutsy,charming,self sufficient,highly resourceful person,successful in attracting many friends and wealth.Very adaptable and has discriminating tastes.Marital life will be happy and spouse will be a constant source of strength and encouragement. Inclination for-trading, Banking and finance, Industrial management, international travel, gems and precious metals etc. Ailments like- paralytic attacks, diabetes, gastric and abdominal problems.

26 * Uttara Bhadrapada

Meaning:Latter Beautiful Foot
Deity: Ahir Budhnya

This is the last,26th nakshatra of the zodiac, spans from 20degree-0' in Kumbha to 3degree-20' in Meena.Poorvabhadrapada is ruled by Aja Ekapad, the one-footed serpent.Poorvabhadrapada raises up our spiritual aspiration in life and takes us out of the domain of selfish behavior.This is a transformational nakshatra where they will sacrifice themselves for a higher cause, to make a difference in the world. Characteristics-intelligent,attractive,charming and outstanding,loving and merciful. Loyal to people and very helpful.Your marital life will be harmonious and satisfactory and children will be a source of joy and happiness. Inclination for- law, professional mediation, counselling. Ailments like- body-aches,rheumatism etc.

27 * Revati


This is the last,27th nakshatra of the zodiac, spanning from 16degree-40' minutes to 30degree-00' in Meena.Revati is governed by the nourishing form of the Sun God. Revati creates abundance through providing proper nourishment.This nakshatra indicates a journey, and may in fact represent our final journey from this life to the next, being the last and final nakshatra. Characteristics-ambitious,independant,very prosperous, attractive and sociable.Very charming and popular personality.Helping nature.Phhysical fitness conscious. Ignorance in financial affairs will land in debts.Your marital life will be very harmonious and your spouse, very compatible. Inclination for-Social work,Counselling, Psychology, Psychiatry etc. Ailments like-dental and orthopaedic problems,ulcers, intestinal disorders.