Meditation is total personal and spiritual experience.It is channelling self awareness into a positive direction by fully controlling the state of mind.Meditation is the process of is turning inwards and concentrate on the inner self.

Meditation is a very safe and simple way to balance the physical, emotional, and mental states with a great benefit.The earliest clear references to meditation in Hindu literature are in Upanishads and Bhagwad Gita.

Meditation is done by focussing the mind on a certain object,with the full concentration.When the mind gets totally locked with object, the concentration turns into meditation.With such continuous meditations a person achieves the state of divine power.

Meditation is the key to open the gates mysteries to your mind. In that state a person withdraws himself from all outside attractions and gets drowned in the spiritual ocean.

Meditation is about experiencing the spiritual essence that exists within all the humans,which is not something that we create through meditations but it aleary exists deep within all of us.Reaching to this point of essence and enjoying its essence is the enlightenment.


During the Meditation,one should sit erect and relaxed, by balancing the trunk of the body,so that the spinal column supports it easily.The correct posture for Meditation,is to lift the chest and tilt backwards,then drop down the chin to the neck.This posture activates the circulation of spiritual energy,developes the Kundalini,purifies the nadis and subsequently progresses one's meditative practice.


Meditation prescribes Various hand-gestures ie mudras. The mudras, according to Yogic philosophy,actually affect the consciousness,mood and energy. It is experienced that the finger endings locked into mudras give rise to subtle energy flows.

Pressing on tips of the fingers stimulate the brain sections relating to the fingers and a person can invoke specific effects and changes desired by him.


During Meditation,some people use activities such as,soft muisc, deep breathing, humming or chanting of mantra to reach to the meditative state.

Leg Positions

In Meditation,sitting with cross legs,creates a stable and firm base,which is a comfotable posion to sit for a longer periods.Varieties of Asanas(Seating postures) are practiced like- crossed legs, to siddhasana, the half and full lotus postures,also sitting on the heels etc.

Seated meditation cushions extend meditative time and serve to elevate the hips and spine into proper alignment.Sitting cross-legged or on knees for longer times,can result in problems called "meditator's knee". Many meditative traditions do not require sitting cross legged.

Meditation is one of the mind-body medicine.Now days, doctors are advising Meditation as a remedy to lower the blood pressure,help the people having asthma problem,to breathe easier, relax the day to day stresses.

The Meditative techniques for healing the problems is very old concept,which is a product of diverse cultures and peoples around the world.