Santoshi Mata

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Santoshi Mata ,the mother of contentment,is believed to be an incarnation of Mata Durga and is worshipped through out India and abroad.Sanotshi Maa is considered to be a daughter of Shri Ganesha. She is considered to have a calm nature and rewards her followers with happiness and peace in their lifeMata Santoshi is a symbol of love, forgiveness, happiness and hope.

It is experienced that worshipping her with fasting for 16 consecutive Fridays brings peace,prosperity and good fortune in ones life. Santoshi Mata blesses to come out of the crisis with one's determination.

Pooja Guide

* Do not eat or touch anything sour
* First gather the things required and then start the Pooja.
* Things required for the Pooja:
kalash, betel leaves, flowers, dry whole channa and jaggery for prasad, camphor for aarti, agarbatti, diyas, turmeric, kumkum, photo of santoshi Mata, coconut for kalash (have to continue with the same coconut till you complete Pooja), a wooden stool for placing the moorthi, rice mixed with turmeric, Santoshi Mata Story Book, Prasad of Chana,Banana & Joggery,

Santoshi Mantra

Vinati Suno Vinati Suno l
Sankat Harani Santoshi Maa l
Saadhu Jana Priya Sai Maa l
Sadaa Ananda Daayini Maa l
Sada Shiva Priya Sai Maa ll