Life After Death

Death has different notions for different people.Some think death is a sleep without dreams.The sleep ends in the morning, but death is eternal. Many are afraid of death so they choose not to think about it.

However,each one of us will have to experience it one day or other,so we have to prepare ourselves with a strong mind. The moment our time comes,we will die,so we must enjoy the good things of life..So, eat,drink, love,earn money, etc.Never hurt anyone or put anyone in loss. Sometimes we may have terrifying thoughts,like "What if death is not the end and if we land in a totally unknown and a new place.

There are experiences of the survivors of clinical deaths,which tell,"The soul sees and experiences upon its separation from the body".He can also hear the doctor declaring him dead and sees his lifeless body, lying below him surrounded by medical staff, trying to revive him.

This queer scene stuns the person, who looks upon himself from outside of his body.Now he realizes that all of his senses are functioning without having the body of flesh.With his senses he tries to interact with the people around him but he is completely cut off from everyone.

He,in fact is happy in that state and does not want to return back to the body. However in the cases of temporary deaths, after a few moments ,the soul returns to the body and continues to travel further into the spiritual world.Some enjoy speedy movement through a dark tunnel.

In some cases, the souls reach in a world of beauty and ecstacy.Some arrive in a realm of light and meet a being of light from whom feelings of great love and understanding sprinkle and pleaes the soul.Some experience the grace of the God whom they worshipped in their lives. However,there are cases where the persons who were revived after death did not remember anything.

Out Worldly experience

Double Body

Soon after the death,the person is confused and does not understand the state of his being.He can only see the duplicate of his body below him.Now he realizes that his soul has left its body.In a sudden death, the soul does not recognize its body and thinks it is someone else.


The life after death experience, witness that they recover all their missing senses and abilities.A blind from the birth could see the medical staff working on him.All the senses of eyes,ears etc. become more sharp.


the cause of death is generally illness and suffering. So after the death, the soul is relaxed that the illness is gone and there is no longer any pressure or ailment.The soul becomes free, and the body becomes no longer necessary.

The Tunnel

A very common experience is,soon after the death,the soul travels fast,through a dark tunnel, towards the other spiritual world..At the end of the journey,the soul lands in a divine place with a bright light.


In some cases the person who died saw his relatives and friends around him ,who were already dead before him.The person's soul is not ready to leave the body and the relatives lure him to join the divine world.

Divine World

The world after death is totally different than the present one.There is no misery,irritations,cruality etc. and one sees the beutiful nature with a bright green rolling meadows,beutiful birds, animals, choirs, music, flowers,streams,gardens,clouds and all the pleasant divine things which were not experienced in the material world.

The Language of the Soul

There is no language in the spiritual world which is known to a man.The language of thoughts is used for communications. This is why people returned to life have difficulty in remembering the specific words those were communicated to them by the divine power.

The Return

People, who have been to the outer spiritual world and returned back to life,try to live a better life and become strong believers in Almight God.

The Stories Of Natural Deaths

* A sixteen year-old boy,whose kidneys had failed,was in the ICU,in a hospital. "Suddenly, he felt he was standing upright and moving very fast through a dark space.He felt that he was moving through a dark tunnel, with great speed.

He did not understand where he was travelling but he felt that at the end of the journey something very important was waiting for him and he wanted to arrive at his destination as early as possible.

Finally he landed in a bright place,full of light.He noticed a bright aura next to him.It was not saying anything but the feeling of love and peace was flowing from it.Suddenly the boy felt himself returned to his body and woke up.

* An American pediatrician had his first experience of transitory death,when he revived a nine year-old girl,who had drowned in a swimming pool.She told him,when she was dead,she met with a nice lady who greeted her soul lovingly and talked to her.

The girl was not ready to go into the spiritual world, so,the lady let her to return to her body.The doctor was stunned at the details which she described,both at the hospital and at her home, during the time she was clinically dead.

As he was collecting such stories, he realized that there were large numbers of cases who had such experiences during the time of clinical deaths.At the same time, many of these people, did not revealed their stories to anyone to avoid embarrassment.

The Stories of Suicides

The souls of people who died naturally had relief and peace.However,on the other hand,the suicide victims, experience complications and torture. A specialist in the suicide cases says,"If you leave restless life,you will land into the other world of restless souls."Some examples are quoted below-

There was a man, who tried to finish himself since he could not bear the death of his wife. He wanted to reunite with her for eternity.When the doctor revived him, he explained that he was in a dirty and terrible place.However,he could see his wife resting in a peaceful and heavenly place,far away from him.He soon realized that he had committed a biggest blunder.

In other suicide cases,it is described that it is a kind of prison and a dark place,where one has to remain for a very long time,as a punishment for violating the divine laws.So,it is advised by the experts that Only God decides when a person is matured for eternity.

A 45 year old woman admits,how happy she is now.When she was a child,she was tortured by her step-parents every day.When she was six years old,she lept on a wall injuring her head. During her clinical death, she saw playmates around her empty body. Suddenly, a bright light appeared around her and a divine voice was heard.

"You have committed a blunder and you have to go back now.To this she replied immediately, "My parents torture me and no one loves me."The divine voice told her that even in the future nobody will care for her and she had to care for herself."

When she was awoke,She realised that it was the God's plan.She treated life differently and got married to a good person, had children and led a happy life.

Heaven and Hell

From the experiences of the clinical and accidental deaths there are various experiences of the destinations after the death.A noble person,who did all the good things in life during his serious operation was dead for some time ,when he saw a rainbow,white clouds,streams and angels flying through the clouds.This pleasant place is called as the heaven.

However in case of person who was very wicked,cruel and notorious saw during his short death period that he was dumped in a very dense crowded,dirty cave with lot of biting insects around.Such similar stories reveal that for such bad persons there is a bad place,for punishment, which is called as Hell.


Scientificalyy speaking,a man is made up of chemical elements.The existance and state of soul,the spiritual world and life after death,are all religious concepts.The soul never dies, but continues to live and develope in a new surrounding.