AshtaVinayaka - Girijadmaj, Lenyadri

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Shri. Girijadmaja Temple is the sixth Ganesha Temple to be visited during the Ashta Vinayaka yatra.The sixth of the Ashta Vinayaka idols and in a most unusual setting is the Girijatmaja temple.

Located in the Lenyadri village in Junnar Taluka Girijatmaj Vinayak refers to the Ganesh as the son of Parvati. Girija is another name for Parvati and Atamaj means son.This shrine is on the banks of river.

AshtaVinayaka - Girijadmaj - Lenyadri Temple

Kukdi and 95 kms.away on the north of Pune.

Girijaatmaja Vinayak at Lenyadri hills in Maharashtra is a representation of Ganesha in the form of an infant.There are 283 steps to reach the temple.

The Murty is facing north and there are Shivashankar and Hanuman on sides The Ganesh Puran calls this place as Jirnapur or Lekhan Parbat. This is the only temple of the Ashtavinayak which is on a mountain and is set in a Buddhist cave-temple.

The main temple is supposed to have been built by Dharanidhar Maharaj Dev from the family-lineage of Shri Moraya Gosavi. He must have built this around 100 years before Senior Shrimant Madhavrao built the outer wooden hall.

On the visit of Gana ( Son of King Abhijit ) to Saga Kapila he coveted the Chintamani,which Kapila used to fulfill his wishes. Kapila refused to part with the stone but Gana took it forcibly. Shri Durga advised Kapila to worship Ganpati. After worshipping Kapila killed Gana.

Then King Abhijit returned the Jewel to Kapila but he did not take it. Ganpati stayed on the spot under Kadamba tree and called himself Chintamani. The great Madhavrao Peshwa renovated this place. Peshwe Wada - a mansion built by the Peshwas is worth a visit. The legend of this temple centers around the Chintaamani gem.

Sage Kapila had a gem by name Chintaamani which could fulfill one's desires.Kapila was visited by a young princeby name Guna who was son of Gunavati and Abhijit. Kapila used the powers of the gem and created a deliceous meal for the prince.

The prince shaken by the power of the gem grabbed it from the sage.Sad Kapila Muni prayed to Vinayaka for help. Vinayaka restored the gem from the prince, however the sage refused to accept it, and began to rever Vinayaka as Chintamani Vinayaka.