Wonderful Krishna

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Miracles of Shri. Krishna

The people of Vrindavana had a wonderful time with shri. krishna who was only seven years old, and lifted Govardhana hill in one hand.When he was a very small baby,he killed the demon Putana. At the tender age of three months, he slept underneath a hand cart and by kicking his small feet, the cart broke apart and fell to pieces.

Once,Krishna was playing with brother,Balarama and the cows when the demon Bakasura appeared. Krishna at once broke the demon's beaks apart. Demon Vatsasur tried to kill krishna but Krishna threw him into a tree.

Once Krishna and Balarama went to the Talavana forest, where the Dhenukasura demon with his demonic donkey friends attacked them.Krishna and balarama killed them by catching their rear legs and throwing them on palm trees.Later on the Talavana forest was open to all the people and animals of Vrndavana.

On one incident,Krishna saved his friends and all the cows from the terrible fire in the forest and in the second incident punished the Kaliya serpent in the pond by making him quit the Yamuna river.Anyone who loves and worships Krishna, will always win over the evils and overcome all the problems.