Lord Krishna & Gopis

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Miracles of Shri. Krishna

The gopis used to go to the temple early in the morning everyday,after taking a bath in the river Yamuna.One day Krishna had a mischief in his mind and was hiding behind the tree,waiting for the gopis to enter the river for bath.

Soon the gopis arrived there,removed their clothes and left them on the river bank, and entered the river. Krishna took the clothes and climbed up the nearby tree. Soon the gopis finished their bath and were surprised, to see their clothes missing.

Suddenly the gopis, saw Krishna sitting on the tree with their clothes.Krishna began to talk to them "dear gopis, please come to me one by one and plead for your clothes".However, the gopis were shy to come out of the water and warned him that they would complain to his parents. Krishna continued the mischief and finally, the gopis came out of the water, one by one and took their clothes. Krishna blessed them that God will fulfill all their desires.