Kanuma festival is celebrated in Andhra Pradesh and it is the third day of four-day Sankranthi festival.It is an important festival of Telugu people and is observed in the Telugu month of Pushya.

The festival is dedicated to cows, bulls and other animals those are part of rural economy in Andhra Pradesh.Govardhan worship or Go pooja (worship of cows) is the major event in Kanuma festival.

Cows or the animals of worship are given bath and decorated on the day.They are taken to the temples and pooja is performed.'Maukkanuma',a day of feasting and celebration is observed on the next day of Kanuma festival.

As per the legend,Lord Indra was very arrogant and over confident about his powers and with his anguish poured heavy cyclone on 'Gokul' where little Krishna lived with his family and people.

People ,not knowing the real reason of the cyclone,went to Shri. Krishna and requested him to save them from this natural disaster.Lord Shri Krishna who was aware of the fact, lifted the Govardhana parvat (Mount Govardhan)with his little finger, to save the farmers and people of 'Gokul' from the cyclone.

Lord Indra realised that Shri. Krishna was none other than the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and soon apologised for his act.Later the cyclone came to an end and people were relieved and were thankful to Shri.Krishna.Hence Kanuma is celebrated in commomoration of Shri. Krishna's victory over Lord Indra. Kanuma festival is celebrated like Mattu Pongal in Tamil Nadu,which is dedicated to the cattle.