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Shri. Ganesha, Japnam is a personal and spiritual experience of an indivisual. The desired purpose of "Japnam" is to concentrate in a positive way and direction by totally transforming one's state of mind.

Japnam starts by focussing one's mind onto a Deity and then uttering the divine Mantra or divine name of the Deity continuously till the full satisfaction of the ownself.

Japnam is done with the Prayer Beads also called as "Rosery", which keeps the count of the number of times the Mantra or the divine Name is chanted.

Shri. Ganesha's Japnam is done by "Silent Chanting of Ganesha's name in the form of a Mantras,- "Aum Shree Ganeshaya Namaha", "Aum Namo Shree Ganapataye" etc.

Japnam is also practised by uttering the Divine "Names" of Ganesha, which are grouped in 21, 40, 108 and 1000 names. By clicking on the buttons on the top of this page, the names page be opened and one can start the Japnam.