Shri. Suryadev Mantras

The best time to chant Surya Mantra is early in the morning during the sun rise.Suryadev Mantras chanting connects the aspirant with the higher frequencies of Lord Sun.One gets get good health, prosperity, bliss and happiness if chanted every day. This mantra gives ultimate wisdom to the devotees and is highly powerful in fulfilling the wishes of the followers.

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How to chant Mantras
* Take a sacred bath.

* Mantras should be chanted continuously for 108 times, and further till a multiple of 108.

* Monday is for Lord Shiva; Tuesday & Wednesday for Lord Ganesha; Thursday for Gurus; Friday for Devis; Saturday for Lord Hanuman and Sunday for Suryadev.

* Chanting should begin and complete on respective days.It is advisable to chant Mantras in either in a domestic prayer roomor in a temple.

* Sit preferably on an insulated rug with folded legs and facing the east or north direction.

* Use a rosary with 108 beads or a digital machine for counting.Rosaries made of rudrakshas is preferred.

* The maximum you chant the Mantras, the more benefits you get.

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