Holy Symbols


Aum has a great power and is always chanted at the begining of all Mantras.

Prayer Hands

This is a holy symbol of giving respect to others and the feeling of being together for ever.


It grows in the mud yet does't touch it but floats on water.Hence it is a symbol of purity.


A Counch, has a divine sound and played in beginings of holy events.


To fill the holy water in Tamhan for the pooja and leave it in by Pali.

This is a sign of auspiciousness and is drawn on the entrance of houses,shops etc.in saffron colour.


Trishula, This is the symbol of Lord Shiva,carried by Sanyasis.


A pot with coconut and mango leaves around, is used in worship and placed for Happiness and success.


A vertical stand to hold multiple flames which are lit continuously while the pooja is performed.

The Go Mata, Cow is respected as a God,by Hindus which is a symbol of motherhood,purity and peace.

Divine Feet

Touching the feet of Deities,Gurus and Elders is a symbol of respect,devotion and a gesture of submission.


A bell of metal brass which is continuosly rung while chanting the pooja mantras.


Niranjan-The lamp lit with a cotton wick,placed in a brass stand.

Lamp, Deep

Always placed in front of a Deity which is symbol of light and energy to be maintained all the time.