Hindu Saints

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A Saint

Saints are the gods appeared on earth.For them, the whole world is like a straw and gold and stone are alike,also pleasure and pain are the same to them. A saint is one who has realized God,knows the God and has become God. He speaks of God,shows the way to God and is God-intoxicated.

Saints are God's representatives on earth. God reveals Himself in a saint in His full glory, infinite power, wisdom and bliss. The saints provide a ladder for the pilgrims to lead to the shrine of God. Wherever saints stay even for a small period of time,that place becomes sacred, like Varnasi, Prayag and Brindavan.

A saint is a blessing on earth. Saints are the living symbols of religion and are the true benefactors of humanity. Throughout the history, saints have played a great part in preserving spiritual values in the world.

A saint is a spiritual washerman. He applies the soap of devotion and knowledge, and removes the spots of sin in worldly people. In his presence, man becomes holy. The moment the mind thinks of a saint, immediately all evil desires, base passions, are brushed aside. Meditation on the lives of saints is equal to holy company. Study of their teachings is equal to holy company.

To think of saints, to live in their company, to have good fortune of receiving their blessings, is to draw forth upon yourself a shower of purity, inspiration and divine consciousness.

A Saint is considered to be an "Avatar," which means incarnation of God.A Saint is a messenger of the God and has a divine specific power delegated to him by the God. A Saint has a developed "Kundalini"(The power of telepathy and intuition) so that he can read the minds of any living being and also he can forsee and predict the future.

Hindus believe that Saints have spiritual development to the extent where they can bless disciples to get "Moksha" ie liberation after the death.Also they can grant the disciples an access to spiritual states either in this life, or after the death.

Saints can give"Darshan" (a transfer of divine effect or spiritual power to disciple via glance,a touch or mantra). In some cases Saints appear in disciple's dreams called " Sakshatkaar" and teach special Mantras to their dissiplesIndia is blessed with many of such saints.

Some of the Saints and Gurus we have shown above whom one can worship on clicking,by performing pooja by showing Arti etc. A saint is free from ego and selfish motives. He is free from temptations,lust, anger,and greed.He has love for all beings as his own self. He is endowed with dispassion and mercy. He speaks the truth and serves all. He ever meditates on the Lord.

He always peaks good of others. He has equal vision. He sees Devi or Mother in all women. He is ever joyful and peaceful. He sings the glory of the Lord. He has divine knowledge.

A saint is fearless and generous. He never begs, but gives. He is majestic and lordly. Such a one is rare in the whole world. He is not easily found. He is not born everywhere.

Love is the very breath of a saint. Mercy is his very nature. His heart overflows with compassion. He does not look to the faults of others. He returns good for evil and blesses those who curse him.

The heart of a saint is a flame of love and his whole being thirsts for the uplift of suffering humanity. He forgets himself utterly and lives but for the sake of others. A saint sees the whole world as the projection of his own soul. A saint sees unity in diversity. He becomes one with the whole world.

A saint is a youth amongst the youth, aged amongst the old, brave amongst the brave, a child amongst children. He feels the pain and suffering among sufferers.A saint is an ultimate power.

A saint is one who has awakened from the dream of life and who enjoys eternal bliss.The life of a saint is always a life of quiet, of indrawn stillness, of solitude and aloofness. He is untouched by the changes of the world. No external happening can shake him off his balance.

The life of a saint is plain, simple,attractive,full of grace and methodical. A saint is ever of good cheer who knows no ill of life. To him, life is joy. He experiences no trial of misery. He is fearless. No monarch has sway over him.