Hindu Holy Place - Rameshwar

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India is the land with multiple religions and is a country of God fearing people.People start for the pilgrimage from one place to another and perform pooja etc.to wash away all their sins.There are many holy places in India and the main such places are shown here in the following table.

Rameshwar,a very important pilgrim centre, is situated at the extrimity of the Indian peninsula.It spreads over an area of 61.8 square kilometers and has the shape of a conch.Rameshwar is the point from where Lord Rama, built a bridge across the sea to Lanka, to rescue his consort Sita,from the clutches of the demon king,Ravan.

It is believed that the pilgrimage to Benaras is incomplete without a Pilgrimage to Rameshwar.This is one of the twelve Jyotirlings of India.Rameshwaram is also popularly called as the 'Benaras of the south'.It is believed that the visit to Rameshwar gives 'Moksha'

. As per the mythology of Ramayan,Shri.Ram performed rituals in gratitude to to Lord Shiva,after defeating the demon king Ravan.Thus,Rameshwar is visited both by Vaishnavites (worshippers of Lord Vishnu) and Shaivites (worshippers of Lord Shiva). The complete area of Rameshwar is associated with various incidents from the Ramayan.

Attractions In Rameshwar

Ramanathaswamy Temple
This was built in the 17th century,adjacent to the ocean on the eastern side of the island.The attraction of this temple is the 1200 gigantic granite columns,the 54 metre tall gopuram (gate-tower) and 1220 metres of superb corridors.The water in each of the 22 sacred wells in the temple tastes different.


This is 100 metres away from the temple,where Shri.Ram worshipped Lord Shiva, to cleanse himself from the act of killing the demon Ravan. Setu This is 5-km south of the temple.There are nine stones visible at low tide. It is believed that they were set up by Shri Rama to worship the nine planets.

Gandamadana Parvatham

The prints of Lord Rama's feet,on a wheel,is found in this shrine,which is at the highest point on the island at 2 km from Rameshwar.


Dhhanushkodi was completely destroyed by the cyclones of 1964.This at the eastern end of the island at a distance of 8 kms from Rameshwar which is named after Shri.Ram's bow.Idols of Ram, Sita, Lakshman, Hanuman and Vibhishan the brother of Ravan, surrendered to Ram, here.


Here Lord Ram obtained bows and arrows,from his presiding Deity to use in the war.The Lord of the Ocean who had previously refused his support was finally convinced.