Hindu Holy Place - Dwarka

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India is the land with multiple religions and is a country of God fearing people.People start for the pilgrimage from one place to another and perform pooja etc.to wash away all their sins.There are many holy places in India and the main such places are shown here in the following table.

Dwarka,also known as 'City of Gold',is the empire of Lord Shri,Krishna, which is on the western end of the Saurashtra peninsula on the Arabian Sea.Dwarka is one of the four holiest Hindu pilgrimage places in India. It is archtecturally very rich.

Dwarka is derived from the words 'Dwar', a door, and 'Ka',Brahma,that is Brahma's Door means 'Moksha'(Salvation).Hence,it is called Mokshapuri. As per the legend, Krishna, after killing, Kansa went to Mathura with the entire Yadav community and festablished a town called SwarnaDwarika.

The present Dwarkadhish Temple,is believed to have built by Vajranabh,the Krishna's successor and great grandson.Lord Krishna in the end,advised his devotees to quit SwarnaDwarika,so that the sea could engulf it.

As on today,the city lies below the sea.It has been discovered on excavation, that the sea has swallowed Dwarka.

Attractions In Dwarka

Dwarkadhish Temple

It is located 2 kms a away from Dwarka and widely known as Jagat Mandir,which dates back to 2,500 years.It has five-storeys,60 columns supporting the roof of the main hall,and a lavishly carved conical spire rising to a height of 157 ft.

Gopi Talav(Lake)

This is located at distance of 14 kms.from Dwarka.The soil here is yellowish and very smooth.As per the legend, Krishna never went back to 'Vruj'.after leaving it.But the Gopis,the Girls of Vuj,travelled to Dwarka,to visit Shri. Krishna,on Sharad Poonam,to play Dandiya Raas (traditional dance).The Gopis used to surrender to the soil of this land and hence this land became popular as 'Gopi Talav'.

Rukmini Temple

This temple is decorated with carvings and idols.This shrine is dicated to Rukmini,the Krishna's wife Rukmini,who is considered to be a reincarnation of Goddess Lakshmi (wealth).

As per the legend,once Krishna and Rukhmini invited 'Durvasha Rishi' to Dwarka who agreed on the condition that they both would carry him in a chariot.Krishna- Rukhmini agreed,took him in chariot and started the journey.

On the way, Rukhmini became thirsty when Krishna stopped the chariot and fetched the water of holy River Ganga. 'Durvasha' was annoyed with this and,cursed Rukhmini to be away from Shree Krishna. Hence Rukhmini temple is located Away from Dwarka's Jagat Mandir.