Hindu Deities

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It is believed that "Aum" is the creater of the super power of the universe, called "Deity". In Hinduism Deities are God and goddesses. The major hindu deities are Shri.Brahma, Shri.Vishnu, Shri.Shanker, Shri.Parvati, Shri.Lakshmi and Shri.Saraswati.The Deities represent the various energies and forces of universe. As per hindus belief there are all together 33 crores forms of Deities.

Every indivisual worships his own Deity as per the tradition of their ancesstors.Hindu deities are symbolised by various images and sculptures, called Pratimas and Murtis. Hindu deities are adopted in outside religions like Jainism and Buddhist Thailand and Japan where they continue to be revered in regional temples or arts.

As per the ancient texts of Hinduism, the human body is believed as a temple and deities are said living within it. Deities in Hinduism are as diverse as its traditions, and Hindus can opt to be monotheistic, monistic, agnostic, atheistic, polytheistic, pantheistic or humanist.

The male Deity in Hinduism is called as Deva and the female Deity is termed as Devi.In Puranas and the Itihasas of Hinduism, the Devas also termed as Suras, represent the good soul, and the Asuras said to be the bad souls.Most of the Hindus begin their day or any new venture by praying the Deity.Hindu deities play major role in Indian mythology.

The power of Deities is praised by chanting various Mantras, prayers and shlokas. Hindus believe the God,Goddesses to be the ultimate super power and worship in various way to express the power of almighty.