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Lord Shri. Ram, the son of Ayodhya King Dasharatha, is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the hero of the epic "Ramayana".

Rama, the perfect avatar of the Supreme Protector Vishnu, has always been popular among the Hindu deities who lived in the Treta Yug.

Rama is the symbol of courtesy and virtue, a man of values and morals. Ramachandra is Maryada Purushottama, which means the perfect man. Lord Rama is considered to have taken birth on the earth to destroy the evil forces of the age.

Lord Rama, is 'the embodiment of truth, of morality, the ideal son, the ideal husband, and above all, the ideal king'.That is why he is called as 'Maryada Purushottam' means The Man with ultimate virtues.

Shri Rama was not only kind and affectionate but generous and considerate of feelings for all around him. Lord Rama had a marvelous physique and captivating manners and a geogious personality.

He was chivalrous and fearless at the same time, was very simple and absolutely free from flamboyance. He never spoke a lie throughout his life.

The earth adored him, who was possessor of such virtues.Shri Rama's life was a life of holy compliance, of stainless purity, of matchless simplicity, praiseworthy contentment, commendable self-sacrifice and remarkable renunciation.

He holds a bow and arrow indicating his readiness to destroy evils. Shree Ram is always seen in pictures with his wife - Sita, brother - Laxman and his strong follower Shri. Hanuman.

God Shri/ Ram killed many demons and evil forces and mainly the most powerful Demon Ravana of Sri. Lanka.


Shri. Ram Legends

Shri. Rama returns

Shri. Ram during his 14 years exile, was staying in a jungle with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman. Ravana kidnapped Sita and forced her to marry him but she didn't agree to it.

Later, Shri. Rama with the help of monkey army led by Shri. Hanuman, Sugreev and Angad, invaded Ravana's kingdom, Lanka and after a long battle he defeated Ravana and released Sita. After this victory of Good over Evil, Rama returned to Ayodhya.

The residents of Ayodhya lighted the kingdom with oil lamps in earthen pots and welcomed their king with fireworks, music and dance. This celebration took place on the night of the new moon of Ashwin (October - November).

From that day onwards, that day has been celebrated bu hindus as the most delightful festival of India ie Diwali, which is celebrated with colouful lanterns, fireworks and distributing sweets.

Child Ram wants Moon

Shri. Ram while he was a child was attracted towards the moon and finally he showed his desire to grab the moon. He said to his mother, Kausalya - "give me".

Kausalya felt Rama was asking for some more food, hence she tried to feed him again. However, child Rma refused to eat and insisted by saying - "give me, give me", pointing up in the sky towards the moon. Kausalya laughed and took it as a joke.

However, this time the child insisted more with loud voice and finally started crying for getting the moon. On hearing this, King Dashratha came hastily followed by his other two queens, Sumitra and Kaikeyi.

They all tried to pacify Rama and divert his mind but it was in vein. Child Shri. Ram continued his demand. Finally queen Kaikeyi struck with an idea and brought a small mirror from her room.

Her room and returned with a mirror. She showed the reflrction of the moon in the mirror and handed it over to Rama. Child Rama was nery pleased to see the moon in his hand.

He started jumping with great joy by saying - "I got the moon, I got the moon". Mother Kaushalya was happy that the child started eating the food fast.

Ahilya and Gautama

God Brahma once imagined a most beautiful woman ever and Ahilya came into existence.She was called Ahilya since she was unmatched beauty.

All the Gods in the heaven were mismerized by her beauty and approached Brahma asking for her hand, which God Brahma soon toppled down.

As Brahma was leaving, he called his mortal son Gautama and gave the charge of Ahilya to him and told him to take good care of her till his return. When Brahma returned back, he found Ahilya in safe and good care.

He was very much happy with the ethical behavior of Gautama and formally tight his knot with Ahilya. Gautama and Ahilya delivered a bright son called Shatanand, who was later on a priest at King Janak's palace.

God Indra was still waiting for an opprtunity to get capture Ahilya. One day he crowed like a cock at midnight time near Gautama's ashram.

He thought dawn was near and got ready for his pre-dawn routine. Rishi Gautam left for his morning bath in the River Ganga.

Soon Indra disguised as rishi Gautama and entered into bed next to Ahilya. Stunned Ahilya said - 'O Rishi, why are you thinking of such act at this holy time of Brahma-mahurat !'

Lord Indra took back, confessed his conspiracy and walked out of the ashram. To his surprise, rishi Gautama, who was returning back home observed Indra eloping out like a burglar.

He came to know his plot and cursed him loudly - "Soon you will become impotent!". As angry Gautama saw Ahilya afraid of this incidence, with a suspiceon cursed her too and said,

"You will turn into a stone!". Ahilya urged a lot to be released from this ultimate curse. Gautama Rishi assured her that Rama will be born on earth as Vishnu's incarnation.

He will reach to this spot and as his holy foot touches the stone, you will be freed from this curse. As rishi Gautama had said after a long period Shri. Rama reached to this spot and Ahilya was released from the curse.


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