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Lord Krishna was born in Mathura, also knows as Brij Bhoomi. The city of Mathura is located in Uttar Pradesh, India. It is situated on the bank of the river Yamuna. Mathura is 150 km from Delhi.

Mathura is one of the seven sacred cities in India and important pilgrim place of the Hindus. The main pilgrim center in Mathura is the Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi temple.

Lord Krishna appeared over five thousand years ago in Mathura, India, to Devaki and Vasudeva in the jail of the tyrant king Kansa.

Lord Krishna is the most commonly worshipped God in Hindus. He is beleived to be the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. Shri. Krishna delivered Bhagwad Gita on battlefield to Arjuna.

Lord Krishna is known for his adventures in destroying evil powers throughout his life. The Lord is usually depicted as playing the flute, indicating spread of the melody of love to people.

The child Krishna was adored for his mischievous pranks. He also performed many miracles and slew the demons. As a youth, the cowherd Krishna became renown as a lover.

The sound of his flute prompting gopis (wives and daughters of the cowherds) to leave their homes to dance ecstatically with him in the forests.

His favorite among the daughters of the cowherders was the beautiful Radha.Krishna's youthful dalliances with the gopis are interpreted as symbolic of the loving interplay between God and the human.

Krishnaaffirms life in his pranks, music and lovemaking. Lord Krishna is also shown with his pet cow. Lord Krishna was also well known for his playful naughty and miraculous acts called 'Shree Krishna Leela".


Shri. Krishna Qualities

01- Great philosopher.
02- Legendary guru.
03- A great orator.
04- Mischivous.
05- A brilliant student.
06- Highly knowledgeable.
07- A perfect friend.
08- A genius leader.
09- Always cheerful.
10- Miraculous.


Shri. Krishna Leela (Miracles)

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Miracles of Shri. Krishna


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