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Shree Ganesha who is created from "Aum", is the ultimate power of this universe. Any obstacle or worries can be removed by praying Ganesha. Since the ancient era all gods, sages and people are worshipping Ganesha.

At the begining of any new venture Ganesha is worshipped for an unobstructed and successful results. The Gods and the Sages used to sit for meditations for a very long time and also they were performing the rituals of 'Yadnya' (praying the god of fire).

The demons always created obstruction in their prayers and meditations which upset them. The demons were very powerful and some of them had achieved special powers by praying to Lord Shiva.

So it was difficult for the gods and sages to protect themselves from these evil powers. They had only one solution and that was to pray Ganesha and get his help to put an end to these demons.

Ganesha from his childhood fought and defeated many demons and gave relief to the three worlds ie Swarglok, Prithvilok and Patallok. There are many myths of Ganesha but here we have mentioned the most popular stories of Ganesha.