Ganesha Tales

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Why Ganesha is single

The demon Vignasur tortured all the gods,sages and the people.The gods approached Sage Narada for guidence for the rescue. Sage Narada advised them to worship Ganesha by offering Durvas(thin grass blades).After the sincere worship by gods,Ganesha appeared there.Ganesha heard the request of his devotees and challenged the demon.

On seeing Ganesha,the afraid Vighnasur eloped from there and reached to the place Junnar and started bringing obstacles there in all the rituals and ceremonies of devotees.

On the prayers by devotees,Ganesha took birth to the wife of Parshwa Rishi.The child Ganesha attacked the demon Vighnasur and defeated him.The relieved gods,sages and the other people started giving slogans of Ganesha praises.