Ganesha Tales

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Murugan & Vallinayaki

Story is such,that the ghat region of Tamilnadu was ruled by Nambirajan,the king of the Kuravas of the hill tribes.Nambirajan worshipped Shiva,praying for a daughter. His prayers were answered and it was revealed to him that he would discover a baby in the nearby woods and that she would be his daughter.

Accordingly the Kurava king discovered ‘Vallinayaki’ in the woods and brought her up as his own.Valli grew up to be a beautiful woman.The Subramanya son of Shiva and Parvati sought her hand in marriage.Their courtship is full of many interesting tales that form the basis of many a folk tale and classical performing arts in Tamil Nadu.

Murugan assumed the form of an old bangle seller,and sold bangles to Vallinayaki,in return for a local delicacy of honey soaked corn flour.A conversation ensued between the two which was interrupted by the arrival of Valli's brothers, a valiant lot who were highly possesive and protective of their sister. Flustered by their sudden appearance, and unwilling to indulge battle,Murugan(Skanda) changed himself into a Vengai maram (It's stump is still seen in the Temple at Velimalai in Tamil Nadu). Skanda appeared again,in the guise of old tribal king and sought her hand in marriage.

The brothers materialized again, and Skanda transformed himself into an old ascetic from Himalaya and they left the spot.Upset by the ongoing hindrance,Skanda sought the aid of his brother Vinayaka, the remover of obstacles,who appeared on the spot as a wild elephant.

A scared Vallinayika then embraced Skanda and promised to offer him anything in return for the protection from the wild beast Later,Skanda sought her hand in marriage and Valli consented gladly, realizing that her suitor was none other than Murugan,whom she and her tribe held in great regard. Valli married Murugan and the marriage was celebrated with great pomp and splendor by Nambirajan,the king of kuravas.