Ganesha Tales

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Proud kubera

Kubera the god of wealth,was proud of his endless riches and hosted a lavish dinner which the child Ganesha attended.Once Ganesha started to eat the food,no one else had anything left for himself.After everything was finished,Ganesha started to eat the vessels,the furniture and all of Alakaapuri, Kubera's capital.When nothing was left,Ganesha threatened to swallow Kubera himself who then ran and fell at Shiva's feet,asking for his help as Ganesha's voracious hunger had no limit.Shiva then gave Ganesha a handful of roasted grain,which he ate,and immediately his hunger was appeased.

This teaches the lesson that handful of puffed rice given with love and eaten with devotion is more important and filling than all the wealth of kubera flaunted to impress the world and all the gods.