Ganesha Tales

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Ganesha restores Chintamani

Gananayaka is the lord of Ganas or one who defeats Ganas.A nice son named Gana was born to the King Abhijit and queen Gunavati.He was very bright and strong.He was a great devotee of Lord Shiva.Lord Shiva, pleased with his devotion granted him some boons.

However,this increased Gana's ego.He soon fell into bad company.One day he visited sage Kapila's ashram.Kapila had a gem called Chintamani that was wish fulfilling and could provide food for thousands.When Gana saw this,he wanted to possess the gem.Kapila did not want to give it to him. But Gana forcibly took it away from him.Kapila prayed to Lord Ganesha.Ganesha appeared in Gana's dream and cut off his head. Gana,on waking up, did not repent but became angry and took his army to finish Kapila.Gana's father,Abhijit,pleaded with Gana to give Kapila back his gem but Gana did not heed the advice.

However,on reaching Kapila's ashram he found that Ganesha had assembled an army.In a fierce fight, Ganesha killed Gana and Ganesharestored the " Chintamani "to Kapila.

Kapila, however,gave it back to Ganesha saying that even a small gem like this could cause trouble, as wealth is the rootof many problems in this world. Kapila requested Ganesha to stay back.From then on, this place (Theur near Pune) was called 'Chintamani Vinayaka'.