Names for New Born Babies

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New born baby Naming is an important and sacred Hindu ceremony.As per tradition it is known as Namakarana vidhi, this ceremony is generally organised on the 11th day after the baby's delivery.

First 11 days are not considered auspicious since the mother and new born baby are considered to be unclean.In this ceremony families, close family friends and friends are invited to bless the child.

During the first 11 days, the house is cleaned, sanctified and made completely hygenic to avoid any infection to the new born baby or mother.On the day of naming ceremony, The mother and child are traditional bath and the racial deity is worshipped.

The sacred lamp is lighted and the Guru chants mantras to invoke the Gods in the heaven to bless the Baby.

Every caste has it's own tradition of naming ceremony.Generally the first letter of the name is given by an astrologer from the horoscope and one other names are decided by family members as per their choice.

However in most of the cases the name of the baby is whispered in the ear of the baby either by mother, aunt or grandparents.

Generally the names are derived from the Deities and mythological names.Now days it has become fashion to name the baby with modern names resembling english names.

We have chosen some names for baby-boys and girls' names from mythology, hindu deities and other sources,which are listed in the table above.