Seeds Information & Health Benefits

Seeds are embodiment of universal life force. Seeds are used for various purposes, however mostly seeds are used as foods. Some seeds are consumed directly, while others are used to make flour, oil, starch, alcohol,or some other edible products.

The frequently used such seeds are - wheat, maize, rice, lentil, barley, sorghum, peanut, soybean, coconut, walnut, pecan, common pea, common bean and sunflower.Some of the seeds are eaten with their edible fruits, such as pumpkin, sweet cherry, bell pepper, apple, strawberry, raspberry, and sweet orange.

Seeds are an essential addition to any healthy diet and play an important role in supporting good health.Seeds are fertilised, mature ovules, which is the result of reproduction in plants.

They come in different shapes and sizes and need to fit within the outer coating of the fruit. Seeds may be hard, soft, smooth, corrugated,single coloured, large or small.

Some seeds are very small, which are visible only under a microscope and some are very large. Seeds contain high protein, starch and oil reserves which help in the early stages of growth and development in a plant. These reserves make various cereals,legumes and major food sources human beings. They are less rich and easier to digest.

Seeds contain essential fats nutrients, fibres, lignans(cholesterol-fighting fibres), antioxidants and omega-3, which is excellent for heart, blood sugar control, brain function, Lowering of cholesterol and blood pressure and for promoting healthy bowel movement.

A balance of different seeds in the regular diet is a supply of protein, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, manganese, zinc, B, E & K vitamins. The nutrients of seeds is a support for good health in many ways.

Sprouting seeds tends to make the nutrients more readily available for absorption and more easy to digest. Baking and roasting of seeds brings out its flavour and provides a delicious taste. Grinding the raw seeds absorbs the nutrients locked within the whole seeds. Seeds make excellent oils, which offer a great way to get a dose of essential fats in regular diet.