12 Effective Home Remedies on Vertigo, Dizziness

Vertigo is called Bhrama in ayurveda which is a whirling or spinning condition. Vertigo is accompanied by Dizziness, which is a feeling of faintness or lighthead. It gives the feeling that the things around are revolvoing.

Vertigo is a balance disorder caused by damages to the posterior semi circular canal of the inner ear or due to disfunction of the vestibular system. Here are mentioned few effective home remedies to treat vertigo and dizziness

Causes of Vertigo, Dizziness

* Insufficient blood supply to the brain
* Dehydration
* Diarrhoea
* Injury
* Stroke
* Low blood sugar
* Migraines
* Drop in blood pressure
* Anemia
* Rapid motion
* New spects
* blockage in arteries
* Loss of vision
* Ear related disorders
* Lightheadedness can also be caused if you are suffering from flu, low-blood sugar level, cold or some allergy
* Internal bleeding in your body
* Distortion of the nervous due to excessive medications

Symptoms of Vertigo, Dizziness

* Nausea
* Headache
* Vomiting
* Weakness
* Pain in eye
* Fainting sensation
* Changes in vision
* Chest pain
* Slow pulse
* Loss of vision
* Stiffness in the neck
* Shortness of breath
* Weakness in the limbs
* Feeling of spinning or things around are revolving.

12 Effective Home Remedies on Vertigo, Dizziness

1 * Water *

Dehydration is one of the main causes of dizziness, hence drinking plentiful of water will keep the problem away. Drink plenty of water through out the day.

2 * Watermelon *

Make a mix of 10 almonds and watermelon seeds, 2 tsp wheat grains and 1 tsp poppy seeds and soak in water overnight. Prepare its paste and fry it with 2 cloves in 1 tsp ghee. Add it to milk and consume it for about 8 - 10 days.

3 * Nutmeg *

Mix 1 tsp of nutmeg powder and 1 tsp of cumin powder then mix it well and have 3 times every day. This will give relief to the patient.

4 * Gooseberry *

Vitamin A and C rich fruits are effective in treating dizziness. Remove the seeds of Indian gooseberries and cut into small pieces. Add 1 glass of water, 2 tsp of coriander seeds and keep soaked for full night. Strain it and consume the mixture next morning.

5 * Triphala *

Prepare a mixture of 1/2 tsp of triphala churna with 1/4 tsp sarpagandha powder (Rauwolfia serpentine). Mix it with hot water and consume 2 times every day.

6 * Lemon *

Make a juice of 1/2 lemon in to a glass of water and consume it. This will stabilize the blood sugar and treat the dizziness.

7 * Almonds *

Soak some almonds in water and keep it overnight. Next morning prepare a paste of it and mix well in a glass of milk and consume it.

8 * Ginger *

Drinking ginger tea or eating a piece of raw ginger is beneficial for treating vertigo and dizziness problems.

9 * Sesame *

Heat 2 spoons of sesame oil and add 2 cloves of garlic to it and fry till they turn brown. Cool it down and strain with sterile cloth. Fill and keep lukewarm solution in the ears alternately, for about 5 mins and then drain it off.

10 * Basil *

Chewing of few leaves or drink basil tea is very effective in getting relief from dizziness.

11 * Apple cider vinegar *

Prepare a mixture of 2 tsp of honey and 2 tsp of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Add it to a glass of water. Consume it 2 - 3 times every day.

12 * Lemon Juice *

Mix honey and lemon juice and add water to it. Consume it for relief.

13 * Cinnamon *

Mix 1 tsp of honey and 1 tsp of cinnamon powder. Have it every day in the morning for about 8 - 10 weeks.

14 * Strawberry *

Prepare a paste of ripe strawberries and add in fresh yoghurt. Take this every day.

15 * Ginkgo Biloba *

Ginkgo Biloba is a also an effective natural herb which helps to cure vertigo by boosting the blood flow to the brain. A teaspoon powder of ginkgo biloba can be taken with water or juice of it should be consumed.

Do & Do not

* Do sleep at least for 8 hours
* Do focus on any object when there is a feeling of vertigo
* Do breathe slow and long when you feel vertigo
* Do use a cane for walking to control the balance
* Do control blood pressure
* Do control high cholesterol diet like fried foods and red meat
* Do use low heel shoes
* Do take breaks from computers

* Do not take stress
* Do not use pillow
* Do not drive more
* Do not tilt back the head for long time
* Do not give jerky movements
* Do not use stairs
* Do not push loaded shopping cart
* Do not raise your arms over your head
* Do not have caffeinated drinks (coffee, tea), chocolates
* Do not eat oily foods
* Do not eat more salt
* Do not eat junk food
* Do not smoke or chew tobacco
* Do not consume alcohol

Caution: Please use our home remedies after proper guidence and research.You accept that you are following our advice at your own risk.Use our remedies after consulting the concerned doctor.