15 Home Remedies for Toothache

Toothache is pain in the teeth or around it, which may be caused by damage to the tooth or due to dental diseases. Generally it happens due to the tooth decay or damages and exposed root surfaces. Everyone in the world experiences a toothache be it in youth or during the old age. This diabolic pain is very torturous that remains for quite a long time. Toothache ranges from mild to less severe. Majority of the people are afraid of going to a dentist because of the scary instruments. Hence one may try other remedies to avoid a dentist. Here are few home remedies mentioned below.

Causes of Toothache

* Broken tooth
* Decayed tooth
* Cavities
* Damaged filling
* Eating sweets, such as sugar, candies, cakes etc.
* Consuming hot and cold food together
* Infection of gums
* Chewing gum etc.
* Eating food rich in carbohydrates

Symptoms of Toothache

* Excessive pains around the affected tooth
* Headache
* Foul smell from mouth
* Swelling of gums around the affected tooth

15 Home Remedies for Toothache

1 * Turmeric *

By taking 1 tsp of lukewarm mustard oil, add a pinch of turmeric powder to it and stir well. Apply it on the aching tooth and around it. Keep it for about 5 mins.

2 * Asafoetida *

Mix 1 tsp of Asafoetida powder with 1 tsp lemon juice and stir it well. Apply on and around the affected tooth and leave for 5 mins. Clean the mouth with plain water

3 * Coconut oil *

Take 1 tsp coconut oil,heat it and add 3 cloves to it. Let the mixture cool down. Grind the cloves in the oil and make a paste. Apply the pate on the affected tooth and keep for about 10 mins .Clean it with plain water

4 * Garlic *

Garlic has toothache reducing or curing properties. Keep a clove of garlic and rock salt on the affected area to get relief fromthe pain.

5 * Lemon *

Lemon contains vitamin C, which prevents tooth decay and controlls the toothache. Lime treatment even cures the bleeding gums and loose teeth.

6 * Onion *

Onion has got anti-bacterial properties which reduces the toothache. Chewing an Onion for about 5 mins, is very effective in killing the germs in mouth that cause toothache. Also by keeping an onion on the affected area gives relirf.

7 * Wheat Grass *

Wheat grass contain natural antibiotic component which protects against bacteria and infections and cures the toothache, decay etc. Take about 3" wheat saplings and crush in a blender and then consume. One can also take a mouth wash of it.

8* Gooseberry *

Gooseberry, also called Amla, has vitamin C, which prevents tooth decay and also controlls the toothache. It can treat bleeding gums and loose teeth.

9* Bay Berry *

Prepare a paste of the bark of the bay berry with vinegar. Apply it on the affected tooth and the area surrounding it. It is a very effective remedy.

10* Pepper *

Mix a pinch of pepper powder to a quarter teaspoon of salt and mix clove oil with it. Apply it on the affected area to cure the sensitive tooth, gum bleeding and tooth aches.

11* Oregano oil *

The Oregano oil, which has antimicrobial property, is very effective remedy for toothache and tooth decay.

12* Triphala *

Mix triphala with water and heat it for some time. Use the decoction to gargle and relieve from the toothache.

13* Honey *

Mix honey with ghee and apply on the affected tooth and area around it. It gives relief from toothache.

14* Rosebay *

Chewing the root of the east indian Rosebay relieves from the toothache.

15* Vegetables *

Green leafy vegetables if munched for a long time, gives a good relief from the toothache.

Prevention from Toothache

* Eating foods low in sugar
* Flossing daily once
* Rinsing 2 times a day with antiseptic mouthwash
* Brushing the teeth before sleeping
* Brushing teeth regularly with a fluoride toothpaste

Caution: Please use our home remedies after proper guidence and research.You accept that you are following our advice at your own risk.Use our remedies after consulting the concerned doctor.