15 Home Remedies on platelets

Platelets are the cells, without a nucleus are found only in mammals and circulate inside the blood. They are the smallest of the blood cells which can only be seen under a microscope and are only about 20 % of the diameter of red blood cells. They look like small plates in their non-active form.

The platelets reinstate the damaged vessel whenever there is a wound, thereby causing a blood clot. So the platelets stop the bleeding which is a very vital role. Platelets contain proteins on their surface due to which they stick to each other and the breaks in the blood vessel wall.

They contain granules which secrete other proteins necessary for creating a firm bondage for the blood vessel breaks. The proteins allow them to change shape when they become sticky.

The platelet number can be found out from a routine blood test called a complete blood count (CBC).A normal platelet count ranges from 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microliter of blood. Having more than 450,000 platelets is a condition called thrombocytosis; having less than 150,000 is known as thrombocytopenia.

Platelets are produced in the bone marrow, from very large bone marrow cells called megakaryocytes. The process of fragmentation, due to development of megakaryocytes into giant cells, results in the release of over 1,000 platelets per megakaryocyte.

Symptoms of Low Platelets

* Fatigue
* Jaundice
* Prolonged bleeding from wounds
* Easy bruising
* Bleeding from your gums or nose
* Blood in urine or stools
* Unusually heavy menstrual flows

15 Home Remedies for Platelets

1 * Water *

Blood cells contain water and protein, hence it is necessary to drink plenty of water throughout the day. In case of low platelet count,cold water should be avoided as it affects the digestive tract and the body does not properly absorb the nutrients. It is adviced to drink purified water at room temperature, which helps in producing more blood cells that improve the platelet count.
Use: Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of room temperature water daily.

2 * Papaya *

Papaya fruit and also its leaves help increase a low platelet count.
Use: Eat ripe papaya or drink papaya juice 1 glass with a little lemon juice 3 times daily.
Also 2 tbsp papaya leaves juice 2 times a day is an effective measure.

3 * Wheatgrass *

As per recent studies, Wheatgrass, high in chlorophyll, is beneficial in increasing platelet count, which significantly increases the hemoglobin, red blood cell, total white blood cell and differential white blood cell counts.
Use: Consume 1/2 cup of wheatgrass juice mixed with a little lemon juice every day.

4 * Pumkin *

Pumpkin, rich in vitamin-A, is very essentil food to improve the low platelet count. It regulates the proteins produced in the cells, which is important to increase the platelet level.
Use: Prepare a mixture of 1/2 glass of fresh pumpkin juice, add 1 tsp of honey and consume it 2 - 3 times every day.
Also, include pumpkin in your diet by adding pumpkin puree to soups, stews, smoothies and baked goods.

5 * Gooseberry *

Indian gooseberries, also known as amla is a very common remedy to increase the platelets count. The vitamin C in amla can help increase the production of platelets and boost your immune system.
Use: Prepare a mixture of 2 tbsps each of gooseberry juice and honey and consume it 2 or 3 times every day. Also one can eat 3 - 4 gooseberries on an empty stomach every morning.

6 * Spinach *

Spinach which contain vitamin K, is used to treat low platelets disorder. Vitamin K is essential for proper blood clotting, that reduces the risk of excessive bleeding.
Use: Take 2 cups of water and boil 5 leaves of fresh spinach for a few minutes. Cool it down and mix in 1/2 glass of tomato juice and consume it 3 times every day.

7 * Seesame oil *

Sesame oil has properties of raising platelet level naturally and reduces free radical damage, inflammation in the body, which helps to improve the blood circulation. So it is beneficial in increasing your platelet count.
Use: Drink 1 to 2 tbsp of sesame oil 2 times every day.

8 * Beetroot *

Beetroot is a very well known dietary method of increasing the platelet count. It has high antioxidant and hemostatic properties, which helps in raising the platelet count very soon.
Use: Consume 1 tbsp of fresh beetroot juice 3 times every day.
Prepare a mixture of 3 tbsp of beetroot juice in a glass of carrot juice and consume it 2 times every day.

9 * Pennywort *

Use: Prepare a juice of Indian pennywort(Mandukparni) leaf and consume evry day.

10 * Pomegranate *

Use: Pomegranate fruit, having high iron content, is very helpful in platelets treatment. Pomegranate which is rich in vitamins, increases the platelet count.

11 * Vegetables *

Green leafy vegetables contain a high content of Vitamin K, antioxidants and chlorophyll, are very effective in inreasing the platelets count.
Use: Consume green leafy vegetables juie and add to the daily diet.

12 * Raisins *

Raisins (kismis), which contain iron is beneficial to increase the platelet count.
Use: A handful of raisins increases your platelet levels naturally.


13 * Milk *

Milk has calcium and vitamin -K and protein fibrinogen, which help the body controll the number of platelets. Milk increases the platelet count and also improves the clotting property of blood.
Use: Consume 1 glass of milk every day.

14* Vitamin - C *

Consumtion of Vitamin-C increases the platelets count. Citrus fruits, which contain Vitamin-C, controlls the platelet count. It is a powerful, which prevent free-radical mediated damage of the platelets.
Use: Consume the juice of Citrus fruits such as - Orange, lemon, guava etc. every day.

15* Berries *

Berries such as strawberries, blueberries etc. which are rich in anti-oxidants neutralize the free radicals and consuming them in good quantities increases the platelet count.

Use: Eat straberrries and blueberries every day for the improvement of platelets.

Prevention from Dengue fever

* Do not consume excess alcohol
* Do not take tonic water
* Do not eat raw vegetables during low platelet count
* Do not take canned and processed foods
* Do not take white flour and white rice
* Do not practice activities causing injuries

Caution: Please use our home remedies after proper guidence and research.You accept that you are following our advice at your own risk.Use our remedies after consulting the concerned doctor.