16 Home Remedies for Men's Infertility

Fertility of a man depends upon the sperm count and quality of sperms. If the sperm count in ejaculation is lower than required or if the sperm has poor quality, it is difficult to concieve for his partner. It can be realised only after checking both the partners.

The chances of conceiving and having a healthy child reduces as the man gets older. Male fertility begins to decline after the age of 40, when sperm quality decreases. So in later age it is difficult for the partner to conceive and there are chances of miscarriage.

Infertility is a very common problem and in 20 % cases the fertility problem is in man. It has been observed that 5 % men have low sperm count problems in his ejaculation and about 1 % have no sperms at all in ejaculate.

Obstruction in the tubes transporting sperm from the testes to the penis can cause a low sperm count sperm in the ejaculation. In most of the cases the sperm antibodies do not affect the chance of a pregnancy but in some cases sperm antibodies reduce fertility.

Causes of Infertility

* Heridity
* Stress
* Medications
* Obesity
* Smoking tobacco or marijuana
* Excessive alcoholic drinks
* Radiation damage
* Infections
* taking of anabolic steroids
* Prostate problems
* Vasectomy
* Premature ejaculation
* Failure to ejaculate
* Erection problems
* Less intercourse
* Spinal cord injury
* Poor nutrition
* Damage to nerves

16 Home Remedies for Men's Infertility

1 * Ginkgo *

Ginkgo, high in antioxidants, is one of the most effective remedy for erectile dysfunction. It increases circulation to the reproductive organs and improves the sperm health.

2 * Yohimbe *

Yohimbe bark helps in healthy circulation to the male reproductive organs, which increases the libido. Yohimbe helps in sustaining an erection and making it firmer. As per experience it is proved to increase the sperm count in ejaculate.

3 * Ashwagandha *

Ashwagandha has been used since ancient times to improve sex drive and low sperm count. It supports endocrine system function for overall hormonal balance. Consume Ashwagandha every day to get good sperm count and quality.

4 * Maca root *

Maca powder consumtion increases the libido and sperm count per ejaculate, also improves sperm motility. Maca should be added to fertility smoothies in powder form.

5 * Asparagus, Safed Musli *

Asparagus roots contain vital ingradients and are used as an aphrodisiac in medicine preparations. It has steroid saponin, carbohydrates and proteins. Asparagus should be used regularly to treat the low sperm count.

6 * Pumkin *

Pumpkin seeds consumtion is one of the most effective home remedies for male fertility. It contains fatty acids and zinc which is very helpful in increasing the sperm production.

7 * Astragalus *

Astragalus increases the sperm's motility and count. Take a cup of water, add one ounce of dried root of astragalus in it and heat it for almost 30 minutes to concentrate it. Cool it down and consume the liquid every day.

8 * Garlic *

Garlic is very effective for treating male fertility. Chew 3 cloves of raw garlic daily to get the results.

9 * Onion *

Take onions with natural honey every day to treat the infertility problems.

10 * Tribulus fruit *

Tribulus which contains protodioscin, is very effective in improving sperm count and motility. It increases the sexual desire in both men and women.

11 * Holy Basil *

Basil is effective for men. Add 1 gram powder of basil seeds to milk and consume in night to treat the male infertility.

12 * Honey *

Prepare a mix of natural honey with mango extract and consume it every day in morning.

Caution: Please use our home remedies after proper guidence and research.You accept that you are following our advice at your own risk.Use our remedies after consulting the concerned doctor.