12 Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most common and problems. Many of them feel awkward having a bald caused by hair loss..
Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is caused because of pitta dosha , which governs our metabolism and digestion. A healthy body and mind is a result of controlled pitta that controls our health.

Generally anxiety, stress and , bad /irregular eating habits cause pitta dosha, which in turn lead to hair loss. Excessive intake of alcohol, tea, meat, coffee, fried and spicy food imbalances the pitta .There are various other causes of haie loss as follows -

* Aging
* Heredity
* Pregnancy
* Lack Of Protein
* Excessive Intake Of Vitamin A
* Vitamin B Deficiency
* Iron deficiency
* Hormonal Imbalances
* Thyroid Disorders
* Alopecia Areata
* Loss of nutrients
* This is an immune system disorder where (hair is mistaken as a foreign body and is attacked)

Remedies for Hair loss

1 - Amla

It is also known as Indian Gooseberry. Amla helps in treating indigestion and purifies the blood. It is also a rich conditioner and acts as a preventive measure for dandruff.

A combination of amla and shikakai is used for natural brown hair. One can be consumed or applied to hair for strong, healthy and lustrous hair. Amla is rich in Vitamin C, which cures the problem from the root.

a) Prepare a mixture of Amla powder and water to make a paste which can be applied to the scalp, resulting in thick and black hair.
b) Prepare a paste of amla and shikakai powder and add to warm water and keep it full night. Apply it on scalp and keep it for about 30 minutes, then wash the hair with a mild shampoo.
c) Crush the amla fruit and apply the juice on the scalp, which gives nourishment to the roots making them strong.
d) Prepare amla oil by soaking the fruit in coconut oil for a few days. Apply this oil on the scalp and wash off after an hour.

2 - Bringharaj

Bringharaj means "Raja(king) of Hsir", that has natural rejuvenating properties, which promotes hair growth. It is considered as a natural conditioner,which can also be used to prevent premature graying.

Bringharaj is commonly available in powdered form and as an oil. Since it has a calming effect when applied to the scalp, it helps insomniacs to get a better sleep.

a) Make a paste of bringharaj leaves and apply it on the scalp.Keep it for some time and then wash it off.
b) Take a pack of dried Bhringraj, steep 5-6 tbsps in warm water and apply the paste for 20 minutes before washing off. Continue this daily for positive results.
c) Massage bhringraj oil onto your scalp and leave it on overnight. Apply shampoo in the morning and wash off with lukewarm water.
d) Prepare a paste of bhringaraj powder, amla powder, and tulsi and add coconut oil. Wash the hair after 2-3 hours.Continue this daily for a thick hair growth.

3 - Shikakai

Shikakai which has low pH value, is rich in antioxidants and has ample doses of Vitamin C and D. When it is mixed in water, it foams up like soap.

Shikakai is helpful for hair growth and nourishment. Regular use of shikakai helps to reduce the hair fall. It reduces dandruff and conditions hair to make it look shiny and beautiful.

a) Take shikakai powder and make a fine paste with warm water. Use this paste as a shampoo.Keep it on scalp for 30 minutes and wash it off.
b) Boil a few spoonfuls of shikakai in herbal tea and let it steep for 5 hours. Pass this through a sieve and add a cup and a half of hot water to it. Use this as a hair rinse after shampooing.
c) Prepare a mix by taking a few spoonfuls of shikakai powder and coconut or olive oil and store in a jar. Shake the jar well and keep it in a cool and dry place for a few weeks. Keep shaking it so that the shikakai does not settle down.

4 - Margosa, Neem

Neem has several medicinal properties. When the scalp is affected by dryness, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis and excessive sebum, the hair roots get damaged. However, applying neem on the scalp regularly improves blood circulation, overcomes all these problems and make the roots strong thus promotes the hair growth. This causes hair loss. Promoting hair growth, neem helps treat these conditions.

a) Boil neem leaves in water and make a hair rinse. Use it after shampooing.
b) Add neem leaves to the bathing water, add neem oil and coconut oil. Apply it on scalp and wash it with a mild shampoo, which makes it lustrous and shiny.
c) Prepare a paste of neem powder and warm water. Apply on scalp and keep it for 30 minutes and then wash it with shampoo.

5 - Ritha

Ritha has been used as natural shampoo, since ages by women. If used regularly, Ritha promotes hair growth and makes hair thick and shiny. It should be used as an everyday shampoo since it is mild and does not cause any damage to the hair.

a) Crush the seeds of Ritha and soak in water for 8 hours so that the saponins is extracted, which makes your hair healthy and strong. Continue to boil this liquid and then use this concoction as a shampoo. It does not produce much lather which should be noted.

6 - Aswagandha

It is also called as Indian Winter Cherry, which is very effective herb for hair rejuvenation. Ashwagansha is a very effective remedy for dandruff which stimulates the production of melanin, that helps the hair growth. Ashwagandha, when applied to the scalp reduces cortisol and increases antioxidants that helps scalp circulation.

Ashwagandha is available to be consumed orally as well. However, visit a physician if you wish to ingest ashwagandha since only the exact dosage must be administered. a) Mix ashwagandha powder with brahmi and amla and add this mixture to warm water. This can be used as a hair mask. Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.

6 - Brahmi

Brahmi provides nourishment to the roots and promotes a strong, thich and lustrous hair growth, by reducing dandruff. Brahmi hair packs help reduce the itchiness of the scalp and onregular use reduces split ends. It helps to make hair shiny and thick.

a) Make a paste of brahmi with ritha, amla, tulsi, ashwagandha. Add warm water to it slowly and then add the curd. Use as a hair pack. Leave it on for an hour and wash it off with lukewarm water and not hot water.
b) Boil some water and add brahmi, tulsi and neem powder. Keep it overnight. Strain this water in the morning and use it as a hair rinse after shampooing.
c) You can also mix brahmi powder, warm water, and coconut oil and apply as a paste to your head. Wash it off with water only.

7 - Fenugreek, Methi

Fenugreek, Methi is an excellent remedy for hair growth.

Use: Grind some dry roasted methi, make a paste of it in warm water and keep it on for 20 minutes before washing off.

8 - Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a very effective and cleans the system from within and gives good bowel movement.

Use: Consume 2 tbsp of the juice of the leaf to increase your metabolism and also get good bowel movements. It improves the blood circulation of whole body and promotes thick hair growth.

9 - Banyan roots

Banyan tree: Grind the little banyan tree root and add it to a lemon juice. Apply the mixture to scalp to prevent hair loss.

10 - Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds contain magnesium and calcium and is good to take in the breakfast every day. Calcium and magnesium are goods for hair treatment.

11 - Citrullus Colocynthis

The fruits of Citrullus Colocynthis are very good tonic for the hair.By applying pulp of this fruits promotes thick hair growth.

12 - Cuscuta Reflexa

Cuscuta Reflexa stops the hair fall caused by harmonal imbalance. Extract of Cuscuta Reflexa increase the follicular density on the scalp.

Do & Don't

* Sleep at least for 8 hours a day. * Drink ample water. * Eat raw vegetables and salads daily * Do not comb the hair when it is wet. * Do not eat junk food * Do not consume excess alcohol etc.

Ayurvedic Medicines for hair loss

* Thikthakam Kashayam
* Chyavana prasam
* Thikthakam ghritham
* Narasimha rasayanam

Best Oils for hair loss

* Coconut oil
* Bhringraj
* Kanjunnyadi
* Neelibhringadi oil
* Kunthala Kanthi
* Mustard
* Arnica
* Rosemary Essential
* Amla oil

Caution: Please use our home remedies after proper guidence and research.You accept that you are following our advice at your own risk.Use our remedies after consulting the concerned doctor.