15 Home Remedies on Chikungunya

Chikungunya , the fever of joints, is transmitted by infected Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is a rare form of viral infection. In ayurveda, Chikungunya is considered as a "Vata doksh" . Most of the symptoms of chikungunya and dengue have resemblance. Severe joint pain (arthritis), as well as fever and rash are the main characteristic features of Chikungunya.

The main truble of chikungunya is the pain and swelling in the joints after the recovery from fever. The symptoms are less severe in younger patients, however the older people and those with prior arthritic problems suffer badly.

Chikungunya and other similar viral infections have become very prevalent these days and are a grave cause for concern, affecting life of hundreds and thousands. The unbearable joint pain leaves many prostrated and unable to carry on with normal day t o day activities.

Ayurvedic treatment for this ailment basically controlls the viral infection. Ayurveda massage is also adviced for the relief of joint pains. Below mentioned are certain medicines in ayurveda that can give relief to chikungunya. The patient must have physical movements to enhance the immunity of body.

Symptoms of Chikungunya

* Fever
* headache
* fatigue
* nausea,
* vomiting
* muscle pain

15 Home Remedies for Chikungunya

1 * Ginger *

Ginger is very effective to give relief from the pain and health problems due to chikungunya. Ginger which does not have any side effects, provides the analgesics effect. It acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent and helps you lessen the inflammation due to this viral infection.
Use: Add ginger to your diet and also consume its juice.

2 * Grapes *

Use: Eating seedless dry grapes, along with some cow milk, is an effective remedy to get relief from chikungunya.

3 * Chilli Pepper *

Chily pepper contain capsaicin which is very helpful in treating the symptoms of chikungunya. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and lessens the inflammation resulting due to the viral infection.

4 * Turmeric *

Turmeric is very effective home remedy to alleviate the symptoms of chikungunya. Turmeric contains Curcumin, which is a strong antioxidant that provides anti-inflammatory effects to fight the adverse effects of this disease. Use: Add turmeric to your regular food.

5 * Carrot *

Carrots contain many nutrients and vitamins which improves the immunity and gives fast relief from chikungunya. Carrots also helps relieve the joint pains.
Use: Fresh carrot or carrot juice should be consumed every day.

6 * Citrus fruits *

Citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, grapes etc. contain vitamin C and antioxidants, which reduces the pain and inflammation due to chikungunya. Vitamin C effectively stimulates the activity of vitamin E, which neutralizes the free radical activity and minimize the cell damage due to the high temperature owing to the viral infection.

7 * Vegetables *

Leafy green vegetables have many vital components such as - vitamin E, mineral iron and nutrients, which helps to reduce the pain and inflammation owing to this viral infection. The antioxidant properties helps to minimize the cell damage and fatigue.

8 * Garlic *

Garlic has many medicinal properties to cure this painful disease.
Use: Eat garlic juice and also add a garlic to your regular food, which helps in reducing the joit pains.

9 * Coconut Water *

Coconut water which has many beneficial medicinal properties, is one of the best natural home remedies to get relief from chikungunya. Drinking plenty of coconut water, prenents dehydration and maintains the health of liver, also minimises pain in the body and joints.

10 * Apple *

Apples, which are rich source of mineral iron, helps to fight the symptoms of chikungunya. It keeps the hemoglobin level high and prevent the risk of anemia during this disease.
Use: Apples can be eaten directly or juice can be consumed.

11* Neem leaves *

Put Epsom salt to the tepid bath water having neem leaves. It gives a great relief from the symptoms of this ailment.

12* Triphala *

Triphala churna is very effective in fighting the symptoms of this disease. A pinch of Triphala churna should be taken directly or mixed in water, before going to bed in the night.

13* Basil *

Basil or tulsi leaves is a traditional remedy fro many of the diseases. It is also very effective in fighting with symptoms of chikungunya.
Use: Basil leaves should be boiled in water and basil tea be taken once a day.

14* Gooseberry *

The juice of Gooseberry ie Amla gives relief from the symptoms of this ailment.

15* Water *

Blood cells contain water and protein, hence it is necessary to drink plenty of water throughout the day. It is adviced to drink purified water at room temperature, which helps in producing more blood cells that improve the health condition.
Use: Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of room temperature water daily.

Precautions from Chikungunya
* Use mosquito repellents
* Maintain cleanliness
* Eliminate mosquito breeding sites
* Use clothes covering full body to avoid mosquito bites

Joint pain liniments
This is for external application over joints to reduce the pain. During fever, Oils can not be applied to joints, but liniments can be used to relieve the pain. Liniments evaporate soon after the application. Apply the liniments mentioned below 4 times a day for about a month.

* Rumalaya liniment
* Arthorub liniment
* Arnopen liniment
* Myostaal liniment
* Rhukot liniment

Caution: Please use our home remedies after proper guidence and research.You accept that you are following our advice at your own risk.Use our remedies after consulting the concerned doctor.